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Looking for a way to take out certain backgrounds and replace them with another? Remove BG is an online software that allows you to achieve this without even creating an account. This software uses a clever AI that cuts out an image’s background by making it transparent. You can remove backgrounds from all types of images – people, cars, animals, products, and even graphics. If you work on a large scale, they also have plugins that integrate with your other work tools like photoshop, Figma, WooCommerce, and other computing environments.

So are you ready to start editing your images for a more customized feel? In this post, we’ll be sharing how you can use the Remove BG app to remove backgrounds from any photograph. We’d also be sharing some of the other offerings they provide along with how much they cost. Keep reading to find out more.

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How to Use Remove BG

  • Open on your web browser
  • Tap on the “Upload image” and select an image from your desktop you’d want to remove background’s from
  • You can choose to download the modified version directly as an image or edit it further. 
  • To further edit, once you’ve uploaded an image, tap on the edit icon
  • Here, you can choose to add a different background to the image
  • Finalize all your changes and hit the ‘Download’ button.

And that’s how to achieve this. Please note that you can only download images at a resolution of 612 x 408 dimensions for free. You’d have to sign up for an account on remove bg to get the HD version.

Other Offerings

Remove BG also has several other alternative options to help you save time and boost productivity. Some of them include;

  • Removing multiple images at the same time. Unfortunately, you cannot do this on the free version. We recommend downloading the app for Windows, Linux, and Mac to edit bulk images.
  • You can also use the Android app to remove the background on images whenever you’d need to on your smartphone.
  • The Photoshop plugin makes it super easy to edit photos without leaving the Photoshop app. 


This software has three pricing plans – Free Subscription, Subscription plan, and Pay-as-you-go.

With the free plan, you get one free credit, 50 previews, access to download the apps and you’re eligible for even referral discounts. 

On the Subscription plan, you can pay for several credits either monthly or annually. The will be determined by the number of credits you choose to buy. Plus, unused credits can roll over at the end of the month

With the pay-as-you-go plan, you can purchase a one-off membership, where your credits can be used anytime within two years of purchase. You can get up to 4,000 credits on this plan.

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Here’s a Youtube tutorial featuring as one of the top 3 tools you can use to remove backgrounds from Images. Watch it below;

And that’s all you need to know about Remove BG. If you have any further questions or tips for using this software, do let us know in the comments below. We also hope you’ve found this post helpful and that you can now seamlessly edit your pictures without even creating an account. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family who might also need it.


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