10 Websites to Find Remote Jobs in Nigeria


A remote job is not just a way to work from the comfort of your home. It’s an excellent way to cut costs on transportation and save time spent on commuting – especially during traffic hours. Thanks to the 2020 lockdown, many organizations have seen that allowing employees to work remotely is just as effective as having them come into work. And so remote jobs have become increasingly popular amongst job seekers. 

While some companies still insist on a hybrid model, you can still find remote jobs in Nigeria. In fact, some of these jobs are international engagements that’ll launch your career into the global market. And so in this article, we’ll be listing out ten websites that share open remote job roles. Keep reading to find out more.

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1. AngelList

Are you looking specifically for tech roles? Well, AngelList is the number one startup community that specializes in technical talent opportunities. Think engineering, product, growth, and design roles. This website is free and regardless of your location, you can apply to hundreds of jobs online. Start by opening an account and creating your job profile. While setting up your profile, tick the box for remote roles only. 


The great part about this site is that you can track applications directly from your dashboard and have conversations with recruiters there. You’d also get regular prompts to update your profile for better visibility. 

2. Remote.co

This is a website that focuses solely on remote jobs across the world. There are over 18 job categories to search for – some of which include accounting, legal, customer support, design and so much more. Simply choose a category, scroll, and select the job you’d want to apply for. Applying to jobs here is free and you don’t even need to open an account.  You also have access to free resources like online coaching, articles, and even courses. 

Filter jobs by your favorite companies and learn about their remote work culture. As a recruiter, you can choose to post a remote job here too. Although that means subscribing to a monthly plan at a fixed rate of $299.

3. Nodesk

As the name implies, no desk connects you with companies that allow you to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Since jobs are updated daily, you can apply for any role for free without creating an account. What we love here is that you can filter remote jobs by continent or simply choose to apply for worldwide jobs. 

You can also find the right company for you based on your values and interests. When you view a company’s profile, you learn about its mission, culture, and also the work they do.

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4. Jobpresso

Jobpresso is one of the easiest ways to find quality remote jobs in tech, marketing, customer support, and more. All of the jobs on these sites are hand-picked, reviewed, and curated. A unique feature of this site is that you can set up your job search and get daily updates on Twitter or Facebook. You can also post your resume to be easily discoverable by recruiters. 


While jobs are not regularly posted compared to other job sites, you’re assured of authentic openings here. Simply look out for roles that are tagged ‘Worldwide’ to land your next remote role

5. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is one of the largest remote work communities in the world. Similar to remote.co, you can find strictly remote jobs on this site. However, if you’re applying from Nigeria, you’d want to look out for jobs that have “Anywhere in the World” as their location. 

With about 10 different job categories, you can find jobs from programming to product and even sales jobs. What’s unique about this website is the community. They have a ton of blog posts, podcasts, and events. You can also join the slack community and other online forums. Applying for jobs here is completely free. In fact, you don’t even have to open an account. However, to post jobs on this network, you’d have to pay a subscription fee of $299

6. Virtual Vocations

This is a job service that provides hand-screened remote job leads. These leads offer real pay for real work. With over 40 job categories ranging from case management to writing, you can find any remote role for you on virtual vocations. Although to apply for a job here, you have to create a free account first.  There’s also a career center that offers free courses, guides, webinars, and coaching sessions. 

7. Indeed

Indeed is a popular job site in the world that strives to put job seekers first. They do this by offering free access to job search, post resumes, and research companies online. There’s a section to read through company reviews to give you insights into the work culture and potential salary range compared to other companies. You can also search for job openings in these companies. 

To find a remote job here, simply enter your keyword or job title, and enter your preferred country in the location box. Be sure to add remote when typing in your job title too as well. See an example below.


Keep in mind that you have to sign in to be able to apply for jobs on Indeed. Creating an account is entirely free though.

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8. Remotive

Easily access active and fully remote job opportunities from vetted tech companies on Remotive. From the landing page, you can immediately filter by worldwide search. This ensures you get employers willing to hire from anywhere. You don’t need to open an account to apply for the jobs as most times, you’d be redirected to the company’s career page. 

There are also available resources like webinars and guides to help improve your job search. Sign up if you’d prefer to receive tailored job alerts directly in your inbox.

9. Authentic jobs

Are you a designer, developer, or creative? Then this is the job site for you. While most of the jobs here are US-based and scarce, you can still find worldwide remote jobs if you’re patient with your search on Authentic jobs. You don’t need to create an account to apply for jobs here. Simply fill out the application embedded in the job posting. 

10. Flex Jobs

Being a job board since 2007, Flex Jobs is a website to find remote, hybrid, and flexible jobs. You can find jobs across over 50+ career fields ranging from entry-level to executive roles. If you don’t want a full-time job, you can also filter your search to part-time. Since every job is screened before posting, you’re guaranteed to get the best jobs in the market. To find jobs as a Nigerian, look out for the “Work from Anywhere” filter.


There’s also information about each company to help you better understand whether or not it’s the right fit for you. In addition to offering job openings, this website also offers career coaching services. It could include career advice, webinar, events, and one-on-one coaching services. Unfortunately, this website is not free. So to apply for a job here, you have to subscribe to a plan. Its pricing starts from $9.95.

We hope this curated list helps you land your next international remote job. Do share this post with other job seekers who might need this.


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