Dropbox Pro: Dropbox responds to competition with storage price cuts

Are you a Dropbox user, there’s now reason to happen. Dropbox, with its latest pricing plan has finally responded to fierce competition from the likes of Google, Microsoft and Amazon who have waged a cut-throat storage war against each other in the last months.

Today Dropbox announced a new storage plan for individuals, called Dropbox Pro, that costs only $9.99 a month for 1 terabyte of storage. Before today’s announcement, $9.99 got you just 100 gigabytes; storage maxed out at 500GB, which cost a whopping $500 a year.

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Dropbox pricing

Dropbox pricing

In comparison with other cloud storage players, Dropbox has leveled up. Google charges $9.99/month for 1 TB with its Google Drive product while Microsoft with OneDrive has been  running a promotion for 1TB for $2.50 a month. Amazon on the other hand is a little slack with 1TB of storage on its Cloud Drive for $41.67 a month.

Besides just slashing prices, individual customers have one more reason to celebrate; you will be able to share links with password protection, share links that expire on a certain date, and to share some files in “read-only” mode. These features we previously available to only business users.

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One thought on “Dropbox Pro: Dropbox responds to competition with storage price cuts

  1. Am a dedicated user of dropbox with 23GB. Google drive and onedrive signed me up by default with some space that I barely use. Its hard shifting from what you are familiar with. Now with the competitive pricing and added features am not about to leave dropbox but then again what do I need 1TB for in synced data when there are portable HDD

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