Cutting Yaka power bill: Here’s how much power common appliances use

reduce yaka power bill

We guided you on how Yaka works, and this time we are here to guide you on how to reduce Yaka power bill. By now, calculating your Yaka bill should be quite easy. However, you also need to know how much power the common appliances use.

How much electricity is each appliance wasting? Should you switch off the some lights in the other rooms? Or do you need to replace the current bulbs with more energy efficient ones? The best way to compare the cost of running different appliances is to look at their power consumption. However, some appliances may use more or less power according to the different models.

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Watts is the measure of appliance power consumption, lower is better if you want to keep your Yaka bill smaller. The table below lists typical values for the wattage of some common home appliances to help you in comparison.

100W light bulb (Incandescent)100W100W0W
Tablet Computer5W10WN/A
Tablet Charger10W15WN/A
Smart Phone Charger4W7WN/A
LED Light Bulb7W10W0W
Home Internet Router5W15WN/A
Washing Machine500W500WN/A
Fridge / Freezer150W400WN/A
Game Console120W200WN/A
Ceiling Fan25W75W0W
Food Blender300W400WN/A
Electric Kettle1200W3000WN/A
Hair Blow dryer1800W2500W0W
25" colour TV150W150WN/A
Laptop Computer50W100WN/A
Electric Shaver15W20WN/A
60W light bulb (Incandescent)60W60W0W
Coffee Maker800W1400WN/A
Desktop Computer100W450WN/A
Hot Water Immersion Heater3000W3000WN/A
Rice Cooker200W250WN/A


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