A simple guide on how Umeme yaka works

umeme conlog yaka meter

Until now, Umeme electricity billing system has been using a post-paid system. You only paid after consuming a certain amount of power. However, the power distribution company realized this was inefficient especially when it came to bill payments. Hence Yaka.

Yaka is Umeme’s prepaid billing system that’s meant to replace the old post-paid analogue meters. Yaka works like mobile Airtime. You must load a certain amount of units before you use until the next billing cycle.

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So here’s how it works

Getting Yaka prepaid meter

You certainly need the Yaka prepaid system installed in your house. Umeme is installing Yaka meters gradually across the country. The system requires new infrastructure from the distribution network to the home consumer unit or your meter.

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Hence you have to “wait” until Umeme’s new Yaka system reaches you area.

Check you Yaka balance

Before you buy or load any more Yaka units, you need to check your Yaka balance. Fortunately, Umeme Yaka meters are so dead simple to use. You simply have to read off the digits displayed on the Meter’s LCD screen. The units are measured in kWh(Kilo Watt hours). But you don’t want your units to reach zero first since that means you won’t have power in your house.

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Buying Umeme Yaka units

The next step is buy and load Yaka units.  You can buy Yaka Units using your mobile phone with the aid of Mobile money services from major vendors such as MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, Orange money.

You can also use the Payway self-service kioks or agents to pay for Umeme Yaka units. If you really want to go old-school, then you have the option of paying with your bank or visiting the nearest Umeme customer care center.

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Before you use any of the above, you need to know your Umeme prepaid meter number or  Customer interface Unit (CIU) number. All you have to do is press #100# and it will display the meter number on your Yaka meter.

Load Yaka units or token

Upon buying Umeme Yaka unit, you will be given a token which is comprised of a whopping 20-digit code. All you have to do is punch in those  20 digits into the meter. Before you do though, ensure that you are not paying your neighbors power bill by accident.

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Confirm if the meter belongs to your house. To do so, switch on a bulb near your meter and press #001# > Your power will temporarily go off for a second and come back on.

So there you have it; how umeme yaka prepaid meter billing system works. If you have any questions, corrections, queries, let us know in the comments below.


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  1. in case i lose my yaka card ,how urgent can i get replacement, ? is there any code i can use meanwhile to be paying as am waiting for replacement? thanks jimwoods

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