Here are all Umeme yaka symbols and their meaning

umeme power meter

If you have power and you’re busy enjoying the games on your TV or making that cup of coffee, UMEME Yaka meter might never cross your mind. But when the lights go off, your world will stop spinning. And you’ll have to start troubleshooting your power problems starting with the Umeme Yaka meter.

Umeme is phasing out the analog traditional meters in favor of the new Conlog digital power meters. If you don’t have Umeme Yaka in your area, be sure it’s coming soon.

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So, lets get to know all the sysmbols on the Umeme Yaka meter.

conlog power meter icons

conlog umeme power meter icons

A. Power consumption indicator

This is like the network signal bars on your smartphone. The Power consumption indicator shows the rate of power usage in your home. The more home appliances you use at the same time, the more bars you’ll see on the Yaka meter. If there are no bars at all, it means you don’t have any power appliances consuming power.

So unlike the network signal bars on your smartphone or MiFi, the less bars, the better for your pockets with the Umeme Yaka meter.

B. Yaka Token checkmark

When you buy Umeme Yaka tokens and enter them on the Yaka meter, how do you know if it has been accepted or rejected? Well, you’ll have look out for the cross or tick in this area of the meter to know if the tokens have been accepted.

C. Yaka Token entry

When you buy Umeme Yaka tokens and punch them into the meter, this is where the digits you enter will appear. The token consists of 13 digits which you have to enter to activate your power units. You simply enter them the same way you do with mobile airtime, except this time, there are no shortcode such as *150 prefixed to the tokens.

D. Power supply connection indicator

This icon shows if you’ve an active power connection from the power grid to your meter.

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E. System busy

This icon shows if the meter is processing something. It’s like the progress or download bars you’re already used to in web and mobile Apps. When the system is done processing a request, the icon will stop showing.

F. Token required

Indicates if a token is required

G. Token rejected

See B.

H. Technical assistance needed

This icon indicates if you need to call for Umeme technical support.

I. Power units

This shows how many power units in kWh you still have left. Of all the symbols we’ve talked about so far, this is probably where you need to pay the most attention. This is like your Mobile Airtime or mobile money balance. When the credits run out, the lefts will go out. You probably aren’t ready for surprises and inconveniences.

J. Temperature Indicator

This icon shows the temperature.

So there you’ve it; Umeme Yaka meter icons or symbols explained. The power meter is really easy to understand. However, the meter will also throw some error symbols on the same display which we already explained. But if you get some completely alien stuff, please let us know in the comments.

Also if you have any questions regarding the Umeme power meter, Dignited Answers is a Q&A platform where you can get answers.

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Image: Yaka Facebook page


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