A Review of the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity (Solar)

MTN Lumos Solar Mobile Electricity

If you want to explore other (renewable) sources of electricity, the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity is a good start. As the name suggests, the company, Lumos, partnered with telecommunications giant, MTN, to improve energy access in the continent.

This post attempts to take a good look at all the parts and need-to-knows of the Mobile Electricity device. And to determine if it’s worth buying. Or if it will serve certain electricity needs.

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The review of the performance is from an actual user of the device. Hence, it gives a realistic view of the performance.

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What is MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity?

Lumos Mobile Electricity is a clean, affordable, and portable solar power device. It is a portable replacement for hazardous and expensive kerosene generators and lanterns. This solution can power several DC appliances, including lights, cellphones, fans, computers, TVs and other compatible small electronic devices.

Lumos provides users with safe, fumeless, and noiseless power, which is an obvious advantage of renewable energy. They also operate a solar as a service model which makes payment for the product quite easy and flexible.

Lumos runs a subscription model for this product.

How to Get MTN Lumos Solar Electricity?

The company makes its products available to end-users via a walk-in model. To acquire the Lumos Mobile Electricity, you can visit their stores available across the country, and continent.

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Explore this store locator page to identify MTN Lumos Solar Electricity stores and their contact details.

How Much is MTN Lumos Solar Power System?

The MTN Mobile Electricity costs an initial payment of N25,000 Nigerian Naira. This includes the device itself and its installation. Also note that this price may vary slightly depending on the area of purchase, and location of installation.

Another important information to note, however, is the real price of the device. The MTN Lumos Mobile Solar Device costs at least N224,215 or at most, N424,800.

It is quite pricey for some customers, and this is why there’s a flexible subscription plan for payment. The total amount you end up paying largely depends on the subscription plan you follow during the course of payment. Think of this as a ‘Hire Purchase’ model. After 1800 paid days, the system automatically unlocks itself and you don’t have to pay for use anymore.

MTN Lumos Solar Mobile Electricity

Find below the components you get when you purchase this Mobile Electricity. It’s called the “Lumos Kit”

  • Large 80W solar panel unit and solar cable.
  • Solar control unit with 8 sockets DC 12V max.
  • USB mobile phone adapter.
  • 2 powerful LED bulbs.
  • Easy self-installation mounting kit

How to Pay for MTN Lumos?

As a result of the partnership with MTN, subscribing to use the Lumos Mobile Electricity is much easier. As easy as sending your preferred plan to a shortcode, getting value almost immediately, and paying with your airtime.

To subscribe to MTN Lumos, SMS your chosen plan to 317. Example: For a 180 days plan, SMS ‘180’ to 317.

Also note that, until your balance is met, every credit you pay for will account for missing days.

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Pricing and Payment Plans of the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity

The table below describes the plans available on the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity device.

1 DAYN236N236
7 DAYSN220N1,536
20 DAYSN195N3,891
30 DAYSN166N4,966
60 DAYSN154N9,215
90 DAYSN144N12,900
180 DAYSN134N23,958
365 DAYSN132N47,833
1800 DAYSN125N224,215
MTN Lumos Solar Mobile Electricity
MTN Lumos Solar Box

What Is the Performance Like?

Overall, for its intended use, the MTN Lumos Electricity is a great deal.

The device can last up to 24 hours without sunlight. For a location like Africa (more specifically, Nigeria), it will perform at its peak for the most part. Because of the abundant sunlight in the region.

While there’s sufficient sunlight, users can make use of the product while it charges. And it doesn’t go below 100% even if in use and there’s sunlight. It only stops charging when sunlight is being reduced drastically. This usually occurs around 6pm, and goes through till morning until the sun is out again.

Is It Worth Buying?

Yes, if your electricity needs are minimal.

However, if you want to power much larger appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, pressing irons and the likes, this device wouldn’t serve your needs.

Se tell us, what are your thoughts or experience with the Lumos Mobile Electricity?

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5 thoughts on “A Review of the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity (Solar)

  1. MTN and the lumps company have shown to be extorted center in humanity, I have never seen a company which is excellent in decieving and glorious in extortion of the poor citizens.
    Continues increase in the agreed subscription charges will never engaged me in any further business with MTN, it’s a show of shame on her.

  2. Like seriously, there are better options out there. We are actually paying for using the sun, I wonder if mtn now owns the sun.

  3. Terms and conditions are conditions that propel increment in subscriptions in the poor society. They have never been a conditions that will bring the price down , we are doom in Nigeria . They are exploiting us .

  4. This is exploitation by the mtn on the poor masses for something that does not carry anything apart from lighting and charging of phones. the price review is extremely much, when will the mtn review their prices downward? Don’t forget that there are other Solar Energy companies in the country, really, you people are paving the way for other companies to come into the market to get their own market shares, by that time, you will be forced to bring your prices down. However, when the petition gets to the National Assembly, you will know that what you called review, is nothing but exploitation.

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