These are the current 2015 2nd quarter Umeme power tariffs

Energy is at the heart of everything we do today. Umeme is the predominant power distribution company in Uganda. Every quarter, the company submits its power tariffs to the Uganda Electricity Authority for approval before being released to the public.

Now even though Ugandans will still have to put up with occasional load shedding, there’s always a consistent supply of electricity. However, what’s ever changing are the tariffs.

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These are determined by global fuel prices, foreign exchange rates specifically the US dollar and the inflation rate of the economy. Depending on how these factors fair, the unit cost of power will either increase or reduce. But the former is most likely to happen than the later unfortunately for consumer.

The quarterly adjustment factors;

  • FPAF: Fuel Price Adjustmet Factor
  • FERFAF: Foreign Exchange Rate Fluctuation Adjustment Factor
  • IRAF: Inflation Rate Adjustment Factor

The quarterly tariff adjust factors do not apply to the first monthly 15kWh for domestic customers. So the First 15kWh/month cost Ugx 150 while the subsequent units after adding in the quarterly adjustment factors costs Ugx 544.9 per kWh or per unit of power.

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We shall keep updating the table every quarter.  These are the current umeme power tariffs for April to July 2015

Customer categoryTime of UseBase Tariff rate Ugx/kWhQuaterly Tariff adjustment Factors in Ugx/kWhResultant Retail tariff Ugx/kWh
FPAFFERFAFIRAFTotal adjustment Factor
Domestic consumersFirst 15kWh/month150NANANANA150
Above 15kWh/month531.523.635.31.713.4544.9

Where to Pay for umeme power bills

You can pay for your Umeme power bill through mobile money, traditional banks or Umeme customer service centers.

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Mobile Money
Airtel money
MTN Mobile money

Payment service providers
Ezee Money

Traditional banks
Centeneray Bank
Bank of Baroda
Equity Bank
Housing Finance Bank
DFCU bank
Standard Chartered bank
Orient Bank
Citi Bank
Barclays Bank
Stanbic Bank
Crane Bank
DTB Bank
Bank of Africa
Post Bank



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