What To Do If Your Smartphone Non-removable Battery Dies

dead non-removable battery

Except your device is a feature phone or a low-end device, chances are your smartphone’s battery is affixed to your device and cannot be removed. It comes with its advantages, no doubts. In fact, when we compared removable and non-removable batteries a while back, we concluded that buyers are better off purchasing smartphones with sealed-in batteries than the ones whose battery can be easily detached, swapped out and replaced.

In 2018, you are better off getting yourself a device with a sealed in battery, you’ll be safer that way as every single manufacturer is doing that with their phones.

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But what happens when your smartphone’s non-removable battery begins to act up and die? Or if your (non-waterproof) smartphone falls into a pool of water, what should be your next line of action? How do you quickly remove your battery to prevent it from short-charging the phone and damaging other components of your device? Basically, what do you do if your smartphone’s non-removable battery cell is dead or dying?

1. Do it yourself

It’s simple actually: replace the phone’s battery. But since it’s a non-removable battery, it has most definitely been encloses within the phone and attached to some of the phone’s vital components. Hence, taking the battery out, while possible, could be difficult and equally dangerous as you could damage some important components of your device.

However, if you possess some of the special tools and the technical know-how, you can take apart the phone’s battery and replace it. If you do not possess the technical knowledge but have the required kit to disassemble your phone, you can watch some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) repair tutorials on YouTube. For instance, if you own an iPhone X with a dead/faulty battery, you could visit YouTube and search for “How To Replace iPhone X Battery” and you’ll see hundreds of detailed step-by-step tutorial videos on how to get it done.

Mind you, this DIY method requires you to have purchased a replacement battery — which can be quite risky. I mean, what if you purchase a counterfeit battery. Also, if you aren’t skilled enough, you could tamper with some phone components like screen, speakers etc.

If you’re not an expert, it’s very hard to do.

Sometimes, the drivers required to disassemble your device might be scarce and unavailable as — in a bid to prevent unwanted battery removaval — some smartphone manufacturers use very unique types and sizes of screws to hold certain components together.

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2. Leave it to the Profressionals

If you have zero technical phone repair skill as a smartphone user or the method above seem too daunting, this is the logical route to follow. take your phone to a professional phone repair expert to help replace the internal battery. You can also put a call through to your official manufacturer’s service center to get more information about how to get your dead battery replaced. For instance, you can Google “Samsung Authorised Service Centre in [your location]” to get a list of trusted professionals in your location.

The experts at your manufacturer’s authorized service centers can replace your dead or dying internal non-removable battery quickly and efficiently without damaging your device.


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