How to get Umeme Yaka installed on your premises for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial users

Getting a new Umeme Yaka connection has proven to be hard at least by some testimonies we’ve heard. We have not done it ourselves so we do not know how hard or simple it is.

You are a landlord who after building your housing units, wants Umeme Yaka installed at your premises, May be you are a company or a business that wants to be connected to the grid. You may also be an industry who needs some commercial services. The experts at can create the best signs for your company if you really need it.

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This post will show you how to get power connected to your premises in Uganda

What you need for connection

  • A new connection/supply application form
  • Copy of a valid identification or National ID
  • Wayleave clearance form (permission/consent) from affected land owners (If applicable)
  • A completed supply agreement form
  • Company seal and certificate of incorporation (For companies)

The Process

Step 1: Application & Registration

Pick and fill out a form at Umeme and pay the inspection fees.

Step 2: Inspection

The Umeme team will visit you for inspection in 2 working days.

Step 3: Meter Installation

A meter will be installed within 5 working days after payment

Associated fees/Standard Charges

Inspection Fee

  • Domestic/Residential 41,300
  • Ordinary Commercial (Shops & Kiosks) 47,200
  • Three Phase – Time Of Use – 88,500
  •  KVA – 118,000

New Connection Fees (Standard Connection – No Pole Service)

  • Domestic (Not Eligible for Output based Aid) -98,000
  • Commercial (Single Phase) e.g. shops – 98,000

New Connection Fees (Standard Connection with Pole Service)

  • Domestic (Prepaid) – 326,000
  • Commercial Single Phase (Prepaid) 326,000

New Connection Fees ( Non Standard Connection)

  • Commercial Three Phase (TOU) – Costed after survey with a security deposit of 200,000
  • Industrial KVA – Costed after survey with a security deposit of 1,000,000

Call Umeme for More info. 0800 185 185
You can also Tweet them @umemeltd

Source: Umeme /Image: BlenderArtists