These are the new Shell Uganda Cooking Gas prices, refilling and cylinder costs (2015 Q3)

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Cooking gas is one of the preferred energy sources for Urban dwellers in Uganda right now. There are more than 6 gas cooking brands in Uganda right now such as Shell, Total, Hashi, Oryx, Mpishi, WES, Kobil with varying products and pricing structure. Despite the competition, gas prices remain too high for ordinary Ugandan users who often compliment their energy needs with Charcoal.

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Shell Uganda this month revised its cooking gas pricing structure. The energy company has slightly slashed charges for refilling an initial costs of cylinder for its gas product.

Shell Uganda new gas prices, Refilling and Cylinder costs
itemDeposit on cylinder (refundable)Refill (Cylinder + refill)First-time purchase
Old priceNew PriceOld priceNew Price

Refilling 6Kg shell Uganda gas now costs Ugx 57,000 down from Ugx 59,000 while refilling a 15Kg cylinder now costs Ugx 136,000 down from Ugx 142,000. Compared to other brands, Shell 6Kg gas is relatively cheaper. For the same quantity, you’ll have to pay Ugx 57,000 for Total 6Kg gas, Ugx 59,000 for Oryx gas, Ugx 59,000 for Mpishi gas, Ugx 59,000 for Hashi and Ugx 58,000 for Kobil.

6Kg gas prices in Uganda comparison sheet
CapacityShellTotalOryx MpishiHashiKobil



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