How to Message Yourself on WhatsApp


While arguably the most popular instant messaging platform on the internet today, Meta’s WhatsApp is far from the most feature-rich or feature-packed product in the segment. That said, the platform is slowly but steadily changing this narrative.

Over the past few months, we have seen new features debuting on the platform, all geared towards making the platform more useful and versatile in our ever-changing world. We’ve recently seen the introduction of WhatsApp Communities, a feature that’s akin to Telegram’s Super Groups, letting users send even larger files and upping the membership limit to up to 1000 members.

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Businesses are also able to create custom handles so customers don’t need to have the phone number for the store in order to message the establishment, among many other features.

Today, WhatsApp gets yet another feature that has been around on other platforms like Telegram for quite some time now. Message Yourself is a new feature that is rolling out globally to WhatsApp users and it allows users to send messages, media and notes to themselves. This can be thought of as some form of bookmarking function.

With this, you can forward an important message to yourself or use WhatsApp as your very own notes app.

How to use the ‘Message Yourself’ feature

This feature is rolling out to users on both iOS and Android. To get it, make sure you’ve updated your WhatsApp to the latest version. You then need to start a new chat as if you want to message one of your contacts.

You should see your contact at the top of the contacts list on WhatsApp. Tapping that contact will open a chat screen where you can see and send messages to yourself. And that’s it.

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This sure does take away the hassle of having to send your BFF those lists and important messages which you then have to explain that you’re just sending to keep safe.

This is not new

As mentioned, this Message Yourself feature by WhatsApp is not the first of its kind. It is a rendition of similar features from its competition. For instance, Signal the Note to Self feature lets its users create messages for personal use, literal Notes to self.

Telegram also has a similar feature called Saved Messages. This feature allows people to bookmark any important messages as well as save their notes and reminders that can be accessed in the future. Messages once saved can be accessed from the top of the chats screen.


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