5 ways to keep your smartphone from overheating

So your phone is almost burning your pockets and you simply can’t figure out why. Relax, your phone either is receiving a poor signal, has an intense workload or has battery charging issues.

The remedies to this problem are simpler than your think. Here’s how to keep your smartphone from [secretly] overheating.

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#1. Turn off battery-draining Apps

Perhaps the most viable choice you have to cool down your over heating device is to simply turn off battery-draining apps. Browsing is one of the battery-consuming activities you can do on your phone. Even worse when you turn on faster networks such as 3G or 4G LTE on your phone. When your phone starts overheating, do your device a favor and stop browsing. Besides heavy surfing, gaming can also overheat your device. Also running apps that give directions via location services or GPS are battery suckers. These Apps require heavy computing power and will most likely turn on all the firehorses on your phone, creating lots of excessive heat. So calm down and give your device a brief break.

#2. Take it out of the case

Device casing especially those with a black color will increase device overheating. Smartphone cases have a tendency of insulating heat on your device. Taking off that protective casing can give your device a chance to cool down.

#3. Take Care of your Battery

Now we know every vendor will go to great length of praising their device batteries. However, taking care of your phone battery is your responsibility, not the vendors. Usually, batteries need replacement after an year or after 300-500 charging cycles — that’s about 1-2 years from purchase of the device. Now when you replace your phone battery, ensure that you purchase original batteries of your phone vendor or batteries from third parties that your phone manufucturer recommends. Going for cheap batteries might result in the over-heating of your phone.

#4. Clean your phone of dust

Poor ventilation and accumulation of dust can be a cause for overheating of your device. Just like other devices such as Laptops, tablets and desktop computers, dust on your device will block the neccessary airation required to keep your phone cool.

Fortunately, cleaning your phone is phone by yourself isn’t that hard. Simply get a mixture of 60% water and 40% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, which can be found at the nearest pharmaceutical. Then dampen the corner of a soft cloth or cotton with this mixture of water and alcohol. After, gently wipe your phone with to rid of dust and other particles. Done.

#5. Just Turn it Off

Yes, it’s wise to give your device a break. Just turn off your phone while not in use for instance at night while you sleep, or in a busy meeting at work. I know this is hard for some of you, but it can really help cool down your over-heated smartphone.

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When your phone overheats, it’ll most likely notify you with a simple message at which you can try out the above tips. However, if the problem persists, contact your phone vendor since extreme heat could be a sign of thermal runaway, which can result in a burst battery.

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