How to Get an Airtel Pay Merchant Number for Your Business in Uganda

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In today’s digital age, having diverse payment options for your business is crucial. Airtel Pay, one of Uganda’s leading mobile money platforms, offers a convenient solution for businesses to accept payments. If you use mobile money both as a customer and business, you have only two options i.e. MTN or Airtel to receive or make payments. We earlier discussed in our previous blog post, the steps on how you can get a MoMoPay merchant for your business.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining an Airtel Pay merchant number for your business, empowering you to expand your reach and streamline transactions with ease.

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Before diving into the process, it’s essential to grasp the advantages of having an Airtel Pay merchant number. These benefits include increased payment options for customers, improved cash flow, enhanced convenience, and the ability to tap into a wider customer base.

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To get an Airtel Pay merchant number, ensure that your business meets the eligibility criteria set by Airtel Uganda. These requirements typically include;

  1. Business Registration and Legal Documentation: Ensure that your business is legally registered and possesses the necessary documents such as a valid license and tax identification number.
  2. Contact Number: The contact of the person who will manage the Airtel Pay merchant account. In most cases, this is the phone number of the owner of the business or the person applying for the account.
  3. Business Location: The location of your business is needed as well before you apply to get a merchant Airtel Pay code.

How to Get an Airtel Pay Merchant Code

Follow these steps to acquire an Airtel Pay code for your business:

  1. When you have all the requirements up, simply dial *185*10*10# on the phone. Make sure you use a phone number you want to use as your Airtel Collection account.
  2. Enter a Registered Business Name. Take note you can enter up to 20 characters for your
  3. Select Option 1 to Agree to the Terms and Conditions of Airtel Money Pay. You will then be prompted to enter your Mobile Money PIN to complete the self-onboarding for your Airtel Biz Wallet Code.
  4. You will then receive an SMS with your 7-digit Airtel Pay Merchant Code mapping your code with your mobile money number.
  5. Alternatively, you can visit any Airtel service center and initiate the process. When you have self-onboarded you can as well pick the round flyer for you to write your merchant code to receive payments from customers.

Getting an Airtel Pay merchant number for your business in Uganda opens up a world of opportunities for increased revenue and customer satisfaction. The fact that Airtel has made it easy for a business to self-onboard for your business is a nice touch and makes it easy for small businesses to utilize the service. This makes the process faster but raises concern over legitimacy since anyone can create a fake business profile and map it to their mobile money number.

Keep in mind, that your personal number facilitates the seamless transfer of funds between your mobile money account and the Airtel Biz Wallet account. You can then withdraw or check the payment statements using your own Airtel money wallet.

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