5 home appliances that will skyrocket your UMEME YAKA bill and what to do about it

As much as we all enjoy using electricity, I am sure no one wants to pay high bills. We have written comprehensive articles like 5 UMEME YAKA codes and tricks that every power user must know and more. You can read all the articles we have written about UMEME and YAKA

Today, we want to show you what appliances are consuming a lot of your electricity and what to do about them. This can also help you when you are shopping for appliances so that you don’t buy the wrong appliances and electronics that will sky rocket your bill. Let’s look at how to save on your electricity bill  by knowing what appliances consume what.

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Water Heater, Kettle, Rice Cooker

For starters, any form of heating takes a lot of electricity. The higher the wattage of an appliance, the more electricity it will use. Think about that kettle or house water heater – they are definitely power guzzlers and will shoot up your bill by far. Unfortunately we have to use them everyday. Most electric kettles with a capacity of 1.7 or 2 litres range from 2000 – 2500 Watts. For 5L kettles or more you would have to check the wattage (normally at the base of the kettle). Your central water heating system also consumes a certain amount of power to heat up the water and distribute it around the house.

What to do:

Heat water only when you have to. Switch on the central heater only when you need hot water say to shower and do not keep it on when you do not need it. If you are using a kettle, estimate how many kettles you need to boil a day and work within those and not more. If you need hot water say for tea, use a flask to keep the water hot instead of boiling it afresh every time you need hot water. If you need to get a flask visit http://www.sky-liners.com/yeti-vs-hydro-flask.


Since we have to cook everyday, you will find that you are using the electric cooker everyday. For an an average family, that is about 3 meals a day and occasional warming this and that. This is definitely a lot of power being used to cook your food – and this will reflect in your consumption and bill. Since YAKA is prepaid, you will find yourself having to buy more units every so often.

What to do:

We know electricity can be convenient for cooking but unfortunately the costs can be prohibitive especially if you have a large family. One thing you can do is to buy a gas cooker instead of an electric one. This will reduce your power bill by almost half. If you love using electricity so much, there a cookers with 3 gas plates and one electric plate. This can help when your gas is done but you have electricity.

Flat Iron

The two above are the hardest to deal with because of the need to use them multiple times a day. When it comes to the flat Iron, it’s a bit easier.  Remember the higher the wattage of an appliance, the more electricity it will use. Most flat irons have a wattage of between 1000 to 2500 so you can choose what works best for you. Regardless of what you choose, any flat Iron will contribute a great deal to your bill because its something many households use everyday. You can bring the bill down by doing the following

What to do:

Iron all the clothes you need at once instead of ironing as and when you need to. Do let the cloths over dry on the line. Iron them when they are mildly dump. This saves power because you don’t spend as much time as you would on an over dried cloth.

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Since this is not something that you have to use all the time, chances are that it will not consume a lot of electricity. But because it consumes a lot of power, one hour of using the Microwave will consume the same power that 10 energy saves consume in a month.

What to do:

Use it only when you need to. Avoid using it for cooking.

Toaster/Sandwich maker

An average toaster/Sandwich maker has a wattage of between 800W and above depending on the capacity. (A 4 slice toaster will consume more power than a 2 slice toaster) But since it’s also used for about less than an hour a day, It would consume moderately.

What to do:

Keep usage under 30 minutes a day and it should be fine.

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2 thoughts on “5 home appliances that will skyrocket your UMEME YAKA bill and what to do about it

  1. Spot on, you sound like an engineer.
    Sometimes the time of use is almost as important as the duration of use. I dont know if umeme uses a flat rate or time of use pricing. Eitherway, using the appliances at peak time(time of day when the network is more loaded) would cost you more and take longer to do the same thing.

    • LOL engineer Onyait Odeke
      What you say is true except that UMEME currently uses a flat rate with no peak hours for domestic users. I cannot confirm but I think they do the peak and off peak for industrial and commercial users.

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