5 Apps that Merge All Your Streaming Subscription Services into One

merge streaming platforms

Lately, there are different shows across different streaming platforms. It can also be difficult to find what to watch because, in addition to finding a new show, you have to find where to watch it.  Oftentimes, you might find this show on Prime but discover that you have to rent or buy it. 

This is why you need an app that combines all your streaming services into one. That way, once you search for a show, it automatically opens up the platform it’s hosted on. While this is currently possible with products like Roku, the difference is that you don’t have to launch each app to find content. You also don’t need a hardware device 

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In this post, we’ll share some of these platforms that merge these multiple streaming services. Keep reading to find them.

1. Just Watch

JustWatch is a streaming guide for movies, Tv shows and sports online. Here, you can find where to watch new, trending and upcoming shows by browsing the curated catalogue. 

This platform includes content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, Hulu, HBO Max and more.  So all you need is one search and it’ll scan through all the titles in this streaming service. 

merge streaming service with justwatch

You’ll still get personal recommendations based on what you watch and this platform will show you where you can find it. One feature we love the most is the watchlist. So rather than having multiple watchlists across different services, you have one single watchlist. 

To use it, create a JustWatch account and connect it to your smart TV. If you use your mobile device to watch these shows,  you can download the free app on Android and iOS.

2. Free Cast

Previously known as SelectTV, FreeCast focuses on casting all your streaming services on one platform. This includes broadcast channels like CBS, Fox, and NBC along with popular services like Netflix, Hulu and ShowMax. It aggregates TV shows, movies, live channels and so much more by linking all your premium streaming subscriptions. 

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From the Free Cast platform, you can stream on any device wherever you are. Connect it to your TV, computers, tablets, and even your mobile device with the mobile app. We love that you can organize the titles you’re watching in one list. This service is absolutely free. 

Perhaps our favourite feature here is that you can manage all these subscriptions in one place. So instead of taking care of multiple invoices, you can just consolidate these payments into one place and handle them there. Freecast is also available on Roku, FireTV, Samsung, AppleTV and more.

3. Play On

This is another service that primarily aggregates all popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney, Hulu, ABC, Fox and so much more. On Play On, you don’t have to worry about ads when you’re enjoying your show. 

playon - merge streaming services

However, unlike JustWatch, this platform allows you to record and download these shows. Once you download this show, you can watch it anywhere and anytime – even offline. This includes casting it on your TV, mobile device, Roku, Chromecast, FireTV and more.  

You can also choose to automatically record new episodes of your favourite shows as soon as they are released or record the entire season. However, this feature comes at a monthly fee charge. So while you can stream for free, to record, you’d need to upgrade to a paid plan. The pricing starts from $39.99 per year.

4. Watchworthy

If you’re always stuck on what show to watch next, this might be the perfect option for you. In addition to aggregating streaming services in one place, Watchworthy provides personalized recommendations. So while you can browse and search for titles you want, you can also get inspired through the recommendations you get especially since they are tied to your specific interests. So once you signup, review movies you’ve watched by rating them. The platform’s algorithm will use this information to suggest similar titles. 

You can get titles from HBO, Disney, Netflix, and more. There’s also a unified watchlist so you can track your progress from one place. Unfortunately, it only has a mobile app available on the Google Play store and the iOS app store. So you’d have to download the app to get started. 

5. Qewd

This platform is quite different from the rest on this list. For starters, Qewd automatically brings everything to one platform. So in a sense, while others merge streaming services, this platform does that but it also allows you to stream directly from its servers. Here, you’d see trending shows, local channels, and top videos on platforms like Youtube, and Tiktok. You can also watch Live TV channels like CNN all without signing in. 

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What makes it even more unique is that you can see what your friends are watching and get recommendations from them too. However, you will need to be signed in for this feature. Similar to other streaming aggregators, you can get personalized recommendations and create your own watchlists. It’s available on the web, Android and iOS devices.

Wrapping Up

Streaming service aggregators are a great way to reduce the shuffling you’d have to encounter while moving from app to app. Now you can sit back and watch movies from one place. Remember, you need to have an active subscription or at least a free trial to merge your streaming services. This is because you can only access content you’ve subscribed to with these platforms listed. Don’t forget to share this post with a friend who might just need this.


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