How to Enable ‘I Tried Calling You’ Missed Call Alerts on Safaricom

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We’ve all had instances where our phones die on us or we’re offline for a while and on coming back online, you wonder who tried to look for you while you were offline. Well, Safaricom thought about this and its solution is their ‘Missed call alert service.’

Safaricom’s missed call alert is a feature that lets you know when someone tries to call you but you are not available. This feature is part of Safaricom’s voicemail service, and it works by sending you an SMS alert immediately after the caller tries to reach you.

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The SMS alert contains information about the missed call, including the time and date, nudging you to return the call. This also gives the caller peace of mind knowing that you will find out they tried to reach you.

How to Activate Missed Call Alert on Safaricom

I am still not sure why some people have this feature enabled by default while others don’t but should yours be disabled, here’s how to activate it.

To activate or deactivate the missed call alert, you can

  • Dial *100# and press the call button
  • Select option 2 for SIM Card Queries,
  • Respond with option 4 for Missed Call Alert. You will also need to redo these steps and select 6 Caller Notify
  • Finally, select option 2 to activate or deactivate the feature and follow the prompts.
  • Dial **62*0722199199# to finish the activation process. To deactivate all this, simply dial ##62#.

And just like that, you’re now sure to get notified if someone tries to reach you while you’re in a poor coverage area or offline as you will get a message notifying you of the same. The caller will also get a message once you’re back online so they can call you back.

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