AfriLeaks: A whistle-blowing website that will expose corrupt African politicians has been launched

An anonymous whistleblowing platform for Africa, Afrileaks has been launched. The launch of the website was first annouced at the end of last year but now is available to the general public.

The online system will enable users to anonymously send material to investigative media organisations of their choice that include Daily Monitor, Mail&Guaridan, Premium Times, The Zimbabwean, Mmegi, Premium times, Zambian Watchdog among others.

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The site is run by an alliance of 19 African news organisations including the ones listed above that are committed to “speaking truth to power”. This is clearly meant to boast investigative journalism in the continent.

The website is designed to keep its sources anonymous as the site states;

“We’ve designed a system that helps you to share these materials while protecting your own identity, so that it becomes impossible to identify you as the source of the leak.”

Afrileaks will expose politicians and businessmen in Africa who abuse power, something that global whistleblowing site, Wikileaks is known to have done.

Image via Flickr/krosinsky

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