Galaxy S24 Ultra vs Galaxy S23 Ultra: The Fear of Missing Out vs The Wisdom of Financial Prudence

I daily drive a Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, you know, the correct Galaxy S-device to get. The base model is a little too simple and small. The S21 Ultra, while checking all the bells and whistles, was a little too pricy, and gimmicky for me. So yeah, the S21 Plus has been the perfect device for me, a new Sammy boy but there’s a tickle at the back of my neck nudging me to upgrade to the ultra.

Samsung just took the wraps off of the S24 devices and while I am sure the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus are brilliant devices and the ones you should absolutely buy, the headlines are hard to ignore at the top tier Ultra is the one that we’ll all be talking about, the one that we all want to get.

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See, it is the annual tech dance around upgrade season. It’s a waltz of desire and restraint, a tango between cutting-edge tech and our bank accounts. And this year, the steps are particularly tricky, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra shimmering like a disco ball in the spotlight, beckoning us with its futuristic promises. But before we lose ourselves in the strobe lights, let’s take a deep breath and assess the situation, Kenyan edition.

Now, I’m not immune to the S24 Ultra’s charms. Seven years of updates? That’s like having a phone that ages in reverse, like Benjamin Button, only with better cameras and probably less existential angst. I mean, my nephew who’s soon joining High School can have the S24 when he comes of age, and he’ll complete College with the device still getting updates.

And those AI features? They sound like something out of a Black Mirror episode, the good kind where your phone predicts your thoughts before you even have them (except maybe that embarrassing karaoke song stuck in your head…hopefully it can erase that).


But then reality, with its KSh 274,999 price tag, throws a bucket of ice water on our tech parade. Suddenly, the S24 Ultra feels less like a phone and more like a small luxury apartment in Diani – beautiful, desirable, but not exactly within most budgets. It’s like the price tag is Mount Kilimanjaro itself, a challenge reserved for the truly dedicated (or financially fearless). Do we succumb to the FOMO, constantly haunted by the ghost of future features? Or do we embrace the WOFP, clinging to our trusty S21 Plus like a Maasai warrior with his spear?

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So, what’s a tech-savvy Kenyan bro to do? Do we succumb to the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), constantly haunted by the ghost of future features? Or do we embrace the Wisdom of Financial Prudence (WOFP), clinging to our trusty Galaxy S21 Plus like a Maasai warrior with his spear?

S23 Ultra vs S24 Ultra

Well, there’s a sweet spot in the middle, a Serengeti of options if you will. The S23 Ultra, last year’s beast, could become this year’s bargain. It’s still a powerhouse, practically indistinguishable from its younger sibling (except maybe it doesn’t talk back…yet).

And, for the budget-conscious adventurer, there’s even the allure of the “almost-Ultra” – the S24 Plus. Sure, it lacks some bells and whistles, but hey, maybe those are just waiting to be tinkered with anyway. And even the base model Samsung Galaxy S24 offers so much smartphone and class even, for much less.

Galaxy S24 Series

Or Maybe I build my own S24 Ultra, complete with Galaxy AI

Speaking of tinkering, that’s where my inner Kenyan MacGyver gets excited. Samsung devices are popular the world over and developers across the board have found ways to port features from newer devices onto older ones.

For some of us, this is the only way to get features exclusive to the West, because let’s face it, us Africans have a special talent for making the most of what we have. We mend clothes with safety pins, turn old tires into swings, and who knows, maybe we can even port these Galaxy AI features on the S23 Ultra with a little bit of tech magic and a whole lot of YouTube tutorials when these get to the wild.

But Which is the Sensible Upgrade?

Ultimately, the upgrade dance is a personal one. There’s no right or wrong step, just the rhythm of your budget and your tech desires. So, listen to that internal beat, sway to the tune of practicality and possibility, and remember, sometimes the best tech upgrade is the one that doesn’t break the bank but fuels your creativity and sparks a DIY adventure.

Because whether you choose the shiny new Ultra, the reliable beast, or even embark on a tinkering odyssey, the real prize is the joy of using technology, Kenyan style. So, let’s ditch the FOMO and embrace the WOFP (with a dash of ingenuity), and make this upgrade season our own tech safari, full of discovery, possibilities, and maybe even a few unlocked AI secrets along the way.

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Maybe the Galaxy S22 Ultra is it for me

So, after much soul-searching (and bank account scrutinizing), I’ve decided to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro lite – by snagging a pre-owned S22 Ultra!

No S24 Ultra for me this year, but who says the tech journey has to be paved with diamonds? I’m off to conquer the second-hand market with my DIY spirit and a healthy dose of WOFP.

Tell me, what’s your next tech adventure? Join the conversation, share your tips, and let’s make this upgrade season one for the Kenyan tech books!”


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