Anker Soundcore P20i True Wireless Earbuds: Bass-boosted budget buds

Anker Soundcore P20i

If you are looking for a pair of affordable wireless earbuds with a powerful bass and a sleek design, you might want to check out the Anker Soundcore P20i. These earbuds are sold under different names in different markets, such as the Anker P25i or the Anker R50i in India, but they are essentially the same product. For the sake of this post, we will continue to call them the Soundcore P20i.

The Anker Soundcore P20i come in three color options: black, blue and white. They have a minimalist and elegant look and touch controls that let you play/pause, skip tracks, adjust volume, activate voice assistant and switch between normal and gaming mode.

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For their price, they offer a lot of bang for the buck. I go go as far as saying that the Anker Soundcore P20i are one of the best wireless earbuds you can get for under $50.

Anker Soundcore P20i/P25i/R50i Specs

NameSoundcore by Anker P20i/P25i/R50i
Battery capacityEarbuds: 60mAh x 2 earbuds | Charging case: 430mAh
Charging timeUp to 2hrs
Waterproof levelIPX5
PlaybackEarbuds: Up to 10hrs | Charging case: 2 full charges (20hrs)
Bluetooth version5.3
Bluetooth range10m/ 33ft

Charging case

The earbuds come with a compact and lightweight charging case. It is quite small and rounded, with a short strap for easy handling. The case can provide up to 10 hours of total playtime and has a USB-C port for fast charging. A single LED indicator shows the charging and battery status. However, I can’t say it was something I even bothered to look at given its placement at the front.

The build quality is quite good. The charging case is sturdy. You won’t hear any squeaking sounds when you apply pressure to it. While the case might not look exactly premium, neither does it look cheap, which is the perfect compromise, if you ask me.

Earbud Fit & Comfort

The Anker Soundcore P20i have a comfortable and secure fit. They have an ergonomic shape that conforms to your ear canal and prevents them from falling out. What’s more, they even passed my ear wiggle test with flying colors. I am one of those strange people who can wiggle my ears at will. Normally, I can easily dislodge earbuds from my ear canal with a few wiggles if they don’t sit flush. Not so for the Soundcore P20i, which is something I rather liked. The earbuds come with three pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes to ensure a perfect seal.

Tapping the touch controls on the earbud stem thankfully doesn’t cause earache. This is thanks to the fact that they they weigh next to nothing. I can happily report that I didn’t feel any discomfort even after prolonged use. Kudos for that, Anker!

Sound quality

The Soundcore P20i make a bold entrance, greeting users with a bassy startup sound that sets the stage for what’s to come. I don’t know about you but the way earbuds and headphones start up is important for my overall experience.

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These earbud don’t disappoint. While nowhere near what a premium product would has to offer, they deliver impressive sound quality for their price point. The bass is rich and punchy, adding a satisfying kick to any genre. The midrange is well-balanced and clear, allowing vocals and instruments to shine through. I have to admit that the treble isn’t the most sparkly, but it’s decent enough that you won’t hear any harshness.

And while the P20i lack active noise cancellation, their passive noise isolation does a decent job of blocking out most ambient noise when you’re immersed in your music. This isn’t a complete escape from the outside world, but it’s enough to enhance your listening experience.

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Soundcore Companion app

The Anker Soundcore P20i also have some smart features that enhance their performance and functionality. Their companion app allows you to customize the EQ settings, touch controls, gaming mode and firmware updates. The app has 22 preset EQ modes that cater to different music preferences and moods. You can also use the app to locate your earbuds if you lose them by making them beep.

The gaming mode of the Anker Soundcore P20i is another highlight of these earbuds. It reduces the latency and enhances the sound effects of footsteps and gunshots, which can give you an edge in competitive games. However, the gaming mode might affect the stability of the connection, so you might want to use it only when necessary.

The companion app also lets you customize the touch functions to your liking. You can cutomize the single tap, the double tap and the tap and hold to whatever works best for you. Or leave it at the default settings.

The Anker Soundcore P20i are compatible with Google Assistant, which means you can use your voice to control your phone, music, weather, reminders and more. You just need to long press on either earbud to activate the voice assistant and speak your commands. The earbuds have dual microphones that can pick up your voice clearly and reduce background noise.

How much do the Soundcore P20i cost?

The Anker Soundcore P20i currently retail for $24.99 on Amazon but you can find them for as low as $18.99. In India, those will retail as the Soundcore by Anker R50i. They go by Soundcore by Anker on BestBuy and cost $19.99.

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Our Verdict

The Anker Soundcore P20i are one of the best wireless earbuds you can get for under $50. They offer a great combination of sound quality, battery life, comfort, design and features that can rival some of the more expensive models on the market. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option that does not compromise on performance, you should definitely give them a try.


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