Kenya Finance Bill 2024: Here are Useful Resources to Learn More about the Contentious Bill

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The 2024 Finance Bill has emerged as one of the most contentious pieces of legislation in Kenya’s recent history. With widespread public interest and scrutiny, Members of Parliament are finding it increasingly challenging to garner support for the proposed tax measures.

As the online space buzzes with opinions and debates, it’s crucial for Kenyans to cut through the noise and understand what the bill actually entails and how it might affect their lives.

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To help you become a well-informed citizen, here are several valuable resources available for learning about the 2024 Finance Bill.

Official Finance Bill 2024

Official Gazetted Version For those who prefer to go straight to the source, the official gazetted version of the Finance Bill 2024 is available. At just over 130 pages, this document provides the complete, unfiltered content of the bill.

While it may be challenging due to legal jargon, it offers the most accurate representation of the proposed legislation.

Finance Bill GPT

AI is taking over and this presents a very unique opportunity to have this upcoming technology with seemingly limitless possibility demonstrate that it can actually be used to do some good in society, not just gimmicks cheatinmg in exams.

If you find the legal language overwhelming, a innovative Kenyan, Kelvin Onkundi, has developed a chatbot called “Finance Bill GPT.” This tool allows you to interact with the bill’s content in a conversational format.

You can ask specific questions about the bill and receive clarifications on areas of concern, ask it very direct questions like have it calculate your net salary bassed on this new bill, and much much more, making the complex information more accessible.

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Expert Analyses

Since this bill touches on various aspects of the economy, there is no shortage of interested professional parties that have come out to weigh in on the proposed ammendments to the Kenyan law.

Reputable Firms and respected organizations like KPMG and Deloitte have deployed their technical experts to analyze the Kenya Finance Bill 2024. These firms have produced summaries and simplified explanations of the bill’s key points, offering valuable insights from a professional perspective.

Multilingual Translation Breakdowns

In a commendable effort to bridge the information gap, many content creators have taken the initiative to break down the bill’s content into various indigenous languages. This approach aims to make the information more accessible to Kenyans in rural areas who might struggle with English or Swahili explanations, ensuring a wider audience can understand the potential impacts of the bill.

Civic Rise as a platform has dedicated its efforts to consolidating and putting under one accessible platform, a repository of accurate translated videos explaining the Finance Bill in all the languages in Kenya including Sign Language and marginal ones like Makonde and much more.

Civic Rise is designed to facilitate civic engagement by providing users with tools and resources to take meaningful political and social action. It is an initiative by youthful content creators who see a gap in the access to information and are working to bridge the same.

Content Creators

Well, there are various ways of passing information and social media is awash with such creatives, put to teach and educate you on matters Finance Bill and governance with various approaches and these are just some of the ones I would recommend to keep you informed.

  • Fake Woke with Justine – satirical in nature, this lady critiques and mocks performative activism and superficial expressions of social justice, often referred to as “wokeness.” Follow her for humorous and ironic content that highlights the discrepancies between genuine what leaders and people in power shpuld be doing and performative gestures of how they do it.
  • Africa Uncensored is an investigative journalism collective based in Kenya, dedicated to exposing corruption, human rights abuses, and other significant social issues across the African continent. Founded by veteran journalists, it aims to provide in-depth, unbiased reporting to foster transparency and accountability in African societies.
  • Africa Check – Africa Check is a fact-checking organization that focuses on verifying the accuracy of public statements, media reports, and viral claims in Africa. It aims to improve the quality of information in the public domain by promoting accuracy and accountability in journalism and public discourse.


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As we navigate this pivotal moment in Kenya’s legislative landscape, it’s more important than ever for citizens to be well-informed. By utilizing these resources, you can better understand the 2024 Finance Bill and its potential implications for you and your fellow Kenyans.

Remember, an informed citizenry is the cornerstone of a robust democracy. Take the time to educate yourself about this bill using these diverse resources, engage in constructive dialogue with your representatives, and hold them accountable.


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