Kenya Passport beats Uganda, Tanzania, gives Kenya citizens the most Visa-free destinations

Passports are travel documents a citizen of one country waves around like a magic wand at the gates of another country to get admittance. Humans being what they are, passports, we are aware are created equal, but as it turns out, some are more equal than others.

A website, Passport Index has taken the time to curate the passports of the world in order to show how many doors they can open. Naturally we distilled the information and made our own curation of East African passports. So, have you ever wondered how your national passport stacks up against others?

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Well, from the looks of things, Kenya has the strongest passport, allowing its citizens visa-free entry in 65 countries, closely followed by Tanzania at 62. Rwanda comes bottom at 48 visa-free countries with Uganda not far behind at 58. We left out Burundi and South Sudan, seeing as they are currently not the best places to be at the moment.

DestinationUganda Kenya TanzaniaRwanda
Antigua and Barbudavisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Bahamasvisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Bangladeshvisa on arrivalvisa requiredvisa-freevisa on arrival
Barbadosvisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Belizevisa-freevisa requiredvisa-freevisa required
Boliviavisa on arrival visa on arrivalvisa on arrivalvisa required
Botswanavisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Burkina Fasovisa requiredvisa on arrivalvisa requiredvisa required
Central African Republicvisa requiredvisa requiredvisa requiredvisa-free
Congo (Dem. Rep.)visa requiredvisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalvisa-free
Ecuadorvisa-freevisa requiredvisa-freevisa-free
Egyptvisa requiredvisa requiredvisa requiredvisa on arrival
Eritreavisa-freevisa-freevisa requiredvisa required
Ethiopiavisa requiredvisa-freevisa requiredvisa required
Fijivisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Gambiavisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Ghanavisa-freevisa-freevisa on arrivalvisa-free
Guineavisa requiredvisa requiredvisa-freevisa required
Indiavisa requiredeTAeTAvisa required
Jamaicavisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Jordanvisa requiredvisa requiredvisa requiredvisa on arrival
Kiribativisa requiredvisa-freevisa requiredvisa required
Lesothovisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Macaovisa requiredvisa requiredvisa-freevisa required
Malawivisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Malaysiavisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Mozambiquevisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalvisa-freevisa on arrival
Namibiavisa requiredvisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Nigeriavisa requiredvisa on arrivalvisa requiredvisa required
Palestinian Territoriesvisa requiredvisa requiredvisa requiredvisa-free
Panamavisa requiredvisa-freevisa requiredvisa required
Saint Kitts and Nevisvisa-freevisa-freevisa requiredvisa required
Saint Luciavisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalvisa-freevisa required
Sao Tome and Principevisa requiredvisa requiredvisa requiredvisa-free
Senegalvisa on arrivalvisa-freevisa requiredvisa on arrival
Sierra Leonevisa requiredvisa on arrivalvisa requiredvisa required
South Africavisa requiredvisa requiredvisa-freeeTA
Sri Lankavisa requiredvisa requiredeTAvisa required
Sudanvisa requiredvisa on arrival visa requiredvisa required
Swazilandvisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Trinidad and Tobagovisa requiredvisa-freevisa requiredvisa required
Turkeyvisa on arrivalvisa requiredvisa on arrivalvisa on arrival
Zambiavisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa required
Zimbabwevisa-freevisa-freevisa-freevisa on arrival

**eTA** Electronic Travel Authorisation

The rest of the countries of the world not included in this table do not have any arrangement with these East African countries. For this reason they either require a visa on arrival or require one to be processed before you even think of setting foot in those countries. However Kenya will soon phase out the Kenya passport as East Africa is working on one unifying East African passport for the six member states.


Featured Image: East Africa News

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