Meet WhatSim, a Whatsapp Simcard that lets you chat for Free anywhere in the world

whatsapp simcard

We can now safely assume that Whatsapp is the new SMS. The service is so ubiquitous that I can run on feature phones as well as smartphones. That’s why an Italian company, ZeroMobile has figured out a way of offering a worldwide Whatsapp data plan.

WhatSim sells  a €10 ($11.60) SIM card that lets you chat on WhatsApp for free in 150 countries including Uganda for a year.

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It is estimated that 4.4 billion people are still not connected to the Internet. Of those 90% of them live in developing countries. What WhatSim does it gives you global texting service without data that’s much cheaper than conventional SMS that usually requires roaming.

If you want more multimedia features such as sharing photos, audio recording and videos, then you’ve to pay more. You can find out the full rates here.


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