Oil & Gas in Uganda: 3 websites you should follow to stay informed about the Industry

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The Oil and Gas industry in Uganda is said to be the next big thing in the country. Uganda is said to have 2.5 billion barrels of oil. The oil found so far lies in the Albertine Region but other basins that may have oil deposits are the Hoima basin, the Lake Kyoga basin, and the Kadam-Moroto basin.

The money from Oil will be used (at least on paper) to improve on service delivery, forever rid Kampala of its notorious potholes, create employment, improve on existing infrastructure and instantly catapult Uganda from an underdeveloped state to a middle-class country akin to the west.

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But all these are good promises — promises that will take a shade of time to be proven right or wrong. Now if you want to keep tabs with the evolving nascent industry, here are 3 great sites to keep you abreast on the latest.

Oil In Uganda

Owned by ActionAid Uganda and funded by the East Africa office of the Ford Foundation and the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), this site is a great resource of information on the Oil and Gas Industry in Uganda. The site aims at providing regular, timely and accurate information on the social, economic, governance and environmental dimensions of Uganda’s oil and gas exploration and production. Oil in Uganda is armed with a four persons team composed of experienced journalists that dig out facts about the industry.

Uganda Oil

Uganda Oil is yet another great site that will bring you news, information and analysis about Uganda’s oil industry.Although slightly lacking in design, the site has rich information and resources regarding the industry. The site has laws and policies, reports, jobs ad tenders, events and opinions among some of its features.


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Operated under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD), the petroleum department is mandated by the Government of Uganda to promote the development, strategically manage and safeguard the rational and sustainable exploitation and utilization of energy and mineral resources for social and economic development. The department has put together a comprehensive website heavily endorsed with all the resources and policies one needs to plug in to the Oil and Gas Industry in Uganda.

Bonus: angeloizama.com/oil-page

This site is under the sole tutelage of Angelo Izama Opiaiya. Izama is a renown journalist with close to 15 years experience in the trade where he has worked for local and international outlets such as Daily Monitor, The East African, Daily Nation, The New York Times, the Guardian among several others. He splits his time between research, writing and active consulting in his areas of interest, which include extractives sector governance, political economy, minorities, media and regional security. Currently he is working on a book manuscript on
the political history of Uganda’s emerging oil sector. One key takeaway is that Izama adds context and logical builds to what transpires in the Oil & Gas sector not only in Uganda but also to the regional bloc.

So there you have it; 3 great online resources to help you keep tabs on this emerging industry. If you know any other, don’t hesitate to inform us in the comments. Don’t forget that you can also follow the latest stories from these site using blog and news aggregator www.storipot.com.

Image: Ugo Uganda


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