Upgrading Your UMEME Yaka Meter: A Step-by-Step Guide

Umeme, the power distributor in Uganda, late last year (2023) initiated a comprehensive upgrade of Yaka meters. According to the power distributor, the project aims to ensure a smooth transition and align with global metering standards established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), an organization dedicated to developing and publishing standards for electrical and electronic equipment.

These standards encompass various aspects of metering, including general requirements, tests, accuracy, security, compatibility, and communication. The IEC standards, widely adopted globally, serve as a foundation for specifications, type approvals, and acceptance testing.

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In simpler terms, the Yaka meter upgrade aims to enhance the quality, reliability, and security of the metering services. This upgrade also ensures interoperability with other systems and devices, aligning Umeme with international benchmarks for excellence in the field of metering.

Why is the Yaka Meter Upgrade Necessary?

As technology advances, standards change, and security threats evolve. The Yaka Meter Upgrade is necessary to keep pace with these changes. Without the upgrade, Yaka meters might become incompatible with the latest standards, leading to disruptions in services. The upgrade aims to fortify the system, ensuring a secure and reliable user experience.

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How Can I Upgrade My Yaka Meter?

Upgrading your Yaka meter is a straightforward process that you can do on your own at home. Before we dive into how it is key to note that Umeme is upgrading the meters in phases based on where you stay.

Once it is time for your area to get upgrades, Umeme will provide you with three sets of tokens to input into your Yaka meter the next time you buy Yaka Units. Once this is done, an upgrade message will confirm the successful completion.

Umeme Yaka Upgrade Tokens

How to check if your meter is upgraded

For a Conlog meter: Press #005#, r1:t2 means not upgraded, r2:t2 or r2:t10 means upgraded.

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umeme conlog yaka meter
umeme conlog yaka meter

For Hexing and Chint meters: Press 873 and press “Enter.” 01 means not upgraded, and 02 means upgraded.

Hexing Yaka meter - Courtesy Photo
Hexing Yaka meter – Courtesy Photo

For Inhemeter meter: Press 873 and press “Enter.” If the meter displays 01-02, it means it’s not upgraded, and 02-02 means the meter is already upgraded.

Upgraded Inhemeter Meter
Upgraded Inhemeter Meter

For more information on the Yaka Upgrades, please visit UMEME’S FAQ’s page.


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