All Umeme Yaka Power tariffs and rates in Uganda

Pursuant to Section 10 and 75 of the Electricity Act, 1999, (Chapter 145 Laws of Uganda) the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) has the mandate to review and approve a schedule of electricity End-user Tariffs to be charged by Umeme to the consumers for the supply of electrical energy in each Billing Period for the year.

Every quarter, Umeme submits its power tariffs to the Uganda Electricity Authority for approval before being released to the public. These tariffs are always adjusted (Mostly upwards) due to various factors like global fuel prices, foreign exchange rates specifically the US dollar and the inflation rate of the economy.

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2016 Umeme Yaka Power Tariffs and Rates

For the 1st quarter of 2016 according to this detailed report,  Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) and Umeme have approved the base tariff at Ugx 150 shillings for the first 15 units and Ugx 651 shillings for any units above 15. Basing on the current trends of the dollar rate and the political climate, we do not expect any change by end of quarter 1. We shall keep you updated on any changes in the tariffs and rates.

2020 Umeme Yaka Power Tariffs and Rates

In 2020, the average cost of unit of Umeme Yaka is now Ugx  752. Please follow this page for updated rates

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2015 Umeme Yaka Power Tariffs and Rates

In 2015, the 2nd quarter saw a 2.5% tariff increase from Ugx 530.5 to 544.9 while the 3rd quarter saw a 2.47% increase from 544.9 to 558.4. The 4th quarter however has seen a huge spike from 2.47% – 19.5%. This has seen the cost per unit of domestic electricity rise from the price of  Ugx 558.4 to Ugx 667.4

The sharp increase is blamed on the depreciating value of the shilling against the dollar, the current level of inflation among other things. There is even speculation that the current level of inflation is being caused by the increased government expenditure in preparation for next year’s election. 

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Here is a break down of the domestic tariff changes but you can also check out the entire schedule for electricity tariffs from ERA.

2015 Umeme Power Tarrifs    
Tariff in Ugx531.5544.9558.4667.4
% Increase0%2.50%2.47%19%

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