OnePlus One Opens Up Sales: You can now buy the OnePlus One without an Invite every Tuesday


After a lot of experimentation by the OnePlus team, they have finally figured out how they can now support massive sales of the killer smartphone. OnePlus made two major announcements today. The sale of the OnePlus One in India via and the opening of sales of the OnePlus smartphone every Tuesday without an Invite.

Stuck with the annoying Invite system, many people have complained about how difficult it is to get a OnePlus One smartphone. OnePlus’s response to the complaints was to do more promos allowing fans to purchase the device without an invite for a limited period. recording massive sales and generating huge demand, OnePlus is now able to comfortably and confidently sell their devices across multiple markets.

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Having launched successfully in India, One smartphones will be selling starting today at 18:00 GMT on Amazon India with no Invite needed. The OnePlus Blog wrote:

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our amazing friends in India. We arrived in India to overwhelming support 10 weeks ago, and we are celebrating this milestone with a special open sales event. On February 10 at 10 AM (IST), you can purchase the One from without an invite. Mark your calendars, as this is a one-time event and stock is limited.

Every Tuesday, OnePlus fans will be able to purchase the One without an Invite. The invite system resumes for the rest of the week till the next Tuesday. So if you have been waiting patiently to get the famous OnePlus One, here is your chance.



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