Here are all DSTV Uganda packages, channel list and decoder prices in 2019

Multichoice, a subsidiary of South African-based Media giant Naspers, has until recently been the lion of satellite Pay TV in Africa. The company has reached over 3 million household in Sub-Saharan African excluding South Africa with its DSTV Pay TV service.

However, in the last couple of years following the campaign to switch from analogue to digital TV, more pay TV providers have entered the Ugandan market. DStv owned GoTV, Startimes, Azam, Zuku, Simba TV are all competing for a market size of about 38 million Ugandans. This has forced Multichoice to defend its position as the first and premium provider of pay TV services in Uganda.

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Now lets look at what its got up its sleeves so far.

DSTV Uganda packages/bouquets and prices

DSTV Uganda isn’t short of packages for everyone. The Pay TV provider has 5 packages that include DSTV Access with 45+ channels, DSTV Family with over 60 channels, DSTV Compact with 80+ and Premium with 115+ channels.

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Now DSTV at the beginning of the year increased on its bouquet prices following the rise of the dollar against the Ugandan Shilling. The dollar has kept on rising since the beginning of the year, therefore the final price of bouquets in Ugandan Shillings might keep varying according to variation in exchange rates.

DSTV Ugandan packages and prices 2015
No. of ChannelsPrice
DStv Access78( Ugx 33,000)
DStv Family 100( Ugx 60,000)
DStv Compact 128( Ugx 115,000)
DStv Compact Plus136( Ugx 180,000)
DStv Premium 150( Ugx 280,000)

DSTV Uganda channel list

DSTV gets more interesting as you pay more. It’s lower tier package DSTV Access isn’t exciting at all for those heavy entertainment consumers. It’s a mixture of local Free-to-air channels, international news channels and Kids channels sporting channels like BBC World news, Al Jazeera, CCTV news, Nat Geo Wild, M-Net Movies zone, Telemundo, E! Entertainment, Nickelodeon, JimJam. It’s more for a busy Dad/Mum and some kids at home.

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DSTV Family is for those entertainment consumers that are budget conscious while DSTV compact would suit those that want a bit of everything and are  willing to pay a lot more. DSTV Premium is for die-hard Sports fans.

DSTV Uganda Decoders and prices

DSTV currently has 3 decoders on the market; the DSTV Standard decoder, the recently released Zapper HD decoder and the Explora. The Zapper decoder which goes for a price of Ugx 160,000 (Ugx 309,000 full kit) and comes with HD capabilities is intended to replace the good-old standard decoder.

DStv also has DStv Now, an online TV streaming service that effectively allows one subscription to be used by upto 5 devices. This could mean that all family members can share one DStv account by using the Satelite dish for one TV and 5 more devices connected to DStv over the internet.

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The DSTV Explora decoder gives you super powers that your TV ordinarily doesn’t have. The decoder is can make you pause TV, record shows and watch TV in slow motion. Really cool, except it comes at a hefty price of Ugx 575,000.

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This table summaries all DSTV Uganda decoders along with their prices,  specs and features.

DSTV Uganda Decoders features and prices
DecodersPrice (Ugx)Features
DSTV Standard Decoder 99,900-Parental guide
-Reminders and notifications
DSTV Zapper HD DecoderUGX 160,000 decoder only, 309,000 for full kit -High Definition (HD) decoder
-Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
DSTV Explora575,000-HD Experience
-Instant replay
ultra slo-mo & rewind
-Up to 220 hours of recording space
-Highlights on DStv Catch Up

So there you have; DSTV Uganda bouquets and prices, channel list and decoders. If you are a DSTV customer, please let us know your experiences or even corrections to this post in the comments below.

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Image: DSTV


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  2. If i get the decoder only for the HD Decoder at 160,000 am i good to go, like will the decoder work with me having a dish

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