Online Shopping In Uganda: let’s you shop online and ship to Uganda


Shopping online has always been a hustle to many. They often find lot’s of things they would like to purchase from popular online shopping sites like Amazon, Ebay, Macy’s and NewEgg among others. unfortunately those sites do not ship to Africa.

In Uganda, we had UG unlocked among a few other players who offered the service of helping people ship in the products they wanted. Later, GoodsExpress launched in Uganda offering a more robust service. The latest entrant in the market is that lets you shop from multiple sites online and they ship all your products to Uganda.

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Intership UG website mentions that you can shop from a host of online retailers.

Shop at millions of online shopping sites in the USA, UK, Dubai and China including auction sites like, famous name stores such as Amazon, AliExpress, Victorias Secrets, Saks Fifth Avenue, and small independent retailers like Our customers get the benefit of InterShip UGs shopping and exporting expertise, while you get access to full product offerings as well as the best pricing!

One of the unique things about Intership is that you can also shop even though you dont have a VISA or MASTERCARD with your merchandise delivered in 8 to 10 days in Uganda. They do this by shopping on your behalf and having the items delivered to you after payment.

Intership partners with global couriers DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS for priority delivery in 7-10 working days. The handle all customs documentation and merchandise insurance for you while keeping  you notified by e-mail on the status of your shipment.

InterShip UG claims to offer the fastest, most reliable and most cost-effective delivery to Uganda available. We are yet to try them out so as to have an actual experience of the service. We shall let you know when we do.

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2 thoughts on “Online Shopping In Uganda: let’s you shop online and ship to Uganda

  1. Interesting, thanks. I’d love to know the variation in prices by the time the item gets here, cause I see a possibility of express shipping and all other related costs.

    Also, some merchants on eBay actually ship worldwide.

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