Mobile Money UG: The mobile app that lets you keep track of your mobile money transactions

Up until now, there’s really no easy of way for mobile users to keep track of their mobile transactions across the different networks. It’s also hard to remember all the short codes and different charges users to have to incur for each transaction.

That’s where this App comes in.

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Mobile Money UG is an Android-based mobile app developed by Wild Innovations that lets you keep track of your mobile money transactions in Uganda. The app supports up to 6 mobile networks including MTN, Airtel, Africell, Vodafone, K2, UTL in three different languages. From the settings, users can select whether they want to use English, Luganda or Swahili while navigating the App – well at least in theory since that doesn’t really work.

Before you make a transaction, you probably want to know how much charges you’ll incur in the transaction. The app helps you do that with an in-built mobile money calculator. With it, you can know beforehand how much will be deducted before you send or withdraw money.

This app is serious about making you easily interpret your past transactions. That’s why it can generate for you graphs about your past mobile transactions making data easy and intuitive to understand.

So how the app know about your transactions?

The answer is simple – SMS. Every time you make a mobile money transaction, the mobile money networks will send transaction details to your phone via SMS. These messages are stored in your phone memory which is where this app picks the details. Before you install the app, one of the permissions you’ve to grant the app is access to your SMS inbox.

We know that’s a workround since the Mobile money networks won’t agree to giving the app developers access to their system. A bit genius, but privacy issues crop up. I personally would have to think twice about granting anything or anyone access to my inbox even when 90% of my message inbox is filled with telecom service messages and spam. But for what it’s worth, considering that it’s even free, compromises have to be made.

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Download it from the Google Playstore.


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