The new Umeme LED bulbs can save up to 85% of your power bill

That’s right, Umeme, Uganda’s power distribution company has been thinking about the pockets of its clients lately. Umeme has introduced new energy saving bulbs based on LED technology that can save your lighting power bill by 85%.

The new initiative is in partnership with the government of Uganda, the Electricity Regulatory Authority and DAKS couriers.  It’s said that the new Umeme LED bulbs can last up to 15 years and provide better light quality ontop of being great energy savers.

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How to get them
Now all you’ve to do is exchange 3 of your current bulbs for 3 free LED bulbs from umeme. Sounds like a good deal if Free means saving on energy bills.

When distributed to 300,000 urban families starting July 6, the 420,000 7 Watts bulbs will free 30 MW of Electricity according to reports on the New Vision.

Image: Bizled