Difference between registered and unregistered mobile money users in Uganda

Mobile money is by far the most convenient way of sending and receiving money in Uganda right now. No long queues. No paperwork needed. No ID. Just a registered mobile phone number.

MTN Uganda is certainly the leader in mobile money transactions. But Airtel Uganda is certainly trailing on its tail as well as other mobile networks like Africell or UTL.

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Chances are that you are already registered to one of these networks’ mobile money services. But there are other people who aren’t yet registered with whom you’ll often transact with.

Registered Mobile money users obviously have Mobile Money (MM) accounts while the unregistered ones don’t. That comes with several benefits. Registered users can send and receive mobile money while unregistered ones can only receive. Registered users can also buy airtime from their MM accounts.

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When it comes to transactions, registered users can be charged withdrawing charges. That means that transaction costs can be shared between the sender and recipient if both are registered users. If the recipient isn’t registered, then the registered sender is charged for both sending and withdrawing charges on behalf of the recipient. In short, it’s cheaper sending money to registered user compared to a non registered one.

Here’s a summarized difference between registered and unregistered users.

Difference between registered and unregistered mobile money users in Uganda
Registered usersUnregistered users
Have mobile money accountsDon't have mobile money account
Can send moneyCan't send money
Can receive moneyCan only receive money
Can buy airtimeCan't buy airtime from Mobile money account
Can withdraw varied amounts of cash from their accountMust withdraw all the money sent
Charged withdrawing chargesAren't charged withdrawing charges

If you have some questions regarding mobile money transactions, don’t hesitate to post your question on Dignited Answers.

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Image: Daily Monitor


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