How to send Mobile money to a non-registered mobile user in Uganda

Most of you attest to the fact that mobile money has bailed you out of dire situations. Yes those times that definitely didn’t know of any way out until a friend or family member came through by sending you some mobile money.

Registered mobile money users can receive and send money to any mobile number irrespective of their mobile network. That’s obviously cool, except it will cost you more if you are sending to a non registered user or to another mobile network.

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For instance if you are an MTN Uganda mobile money user and you wish to send Ugx 50,000. You’ll incur 1,100 in sending charges to registered user and Ugx 2,800 to a non-registered user. The registered MTN recipient will be charged Ugx 1,210 withdraw charges.

But how do you send money to a non-registered number?

Now go to Send money. The system will ask you for a secret code which is a 4 digit number. It’ll then generate a token ID (11 digits). The secret code and the token ID are sent via SMS to the recipient’s mobile phone number. They will have to present these to the nearest mobile money agent who’ll translate that mobile money into real liquid cash. That’s it.

If you have any questions regarding mobile money transactions, don’t hesitate to ask your question in Dignited Answers.


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