7 devices that are compatible with Smile Uganda 4G LTE network

If you don’t have patience for really slow internet, then you should already be a Smile Uganda customer. Smile runs on 4G LTE network which is currently the fastest mobile data standard in the market.

But being a smile customer means you’ve to buy Smile’s devices. Currently they offer a super sleek MiFi2 which has got impressive reviews from our editors here. If you’re a single user, then you can opt for their 4G LTE USB dongle, or if you run a small office, then their 4G LTE routers are your best bet.

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But what if you own your own device, like say the Apple iPad Air or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, do you still have to buy a MiFi/dongle/router from Smile? It turns out that you don’t have to.

Smile has a range of devices that can run on their network. All you’ll need is a 4G LTE Simcard from Smile and you’re ready to go. Smile supports a wide range of devices from top brands such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung, ZTE, LG. Most of the devices though are tablets not smartphones. Perhaps that’s because Smile expects you to only browse the internet, not to make calls which it currently doesn’t support (although it’s working on it).

Here’s a complete list of devices that you can run on the Smile Uganda super fast 4G LTE network.

MakeModelSIM SizeHotspot
AppleiPad AirNanoYes
AppleiPad Air A1475NanoYes
AppleiPad MiniNano
AppleiPad Mini 2 A1490Nano
AsusGoogle Nexus 7MicroYes
HuaweiE3276 USB ModemMini
LGOptimus Pad LTEMiniYes
NokiaLumia 2520MicroYes
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1MicroYes
SamsungGalaxy Note 8.0 N5100MicroYes
SamsungGalaxy Note Pro 12.2 LTEMicroYes
SamsungGalaxy LTE Note 10.1Micro
SamsungGalaxy SIV GT – I9500Micro
SamsungGalaxy S11 4G GT – I9305 N8020Micro
SamsungGalaxy Tab 3 8.0MicroYes
SamsungGalaxy Tab Pro 8.4MicroYes
SamsungGalaxy Tab Pro 12.2 LTEMicroYes
SamsungGalaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5220MicroYes
SamsungGalaxy Tab 8.9 GTP7320Micro
SonyXperia Tablet Z LTEMiniYes


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