Where to pay for your Umeme Yaka/electricity bill: A list of banks that allow Umeme bill payments

Where to Buy Umeme Yaka tokens/units

Most of us probably pay our Umeme bills or purchase Yaka tokens via mobile money such as MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, Africell Money, UTL M-sente and other platforms like Payway and Ezeemoney. Yaka tokens can also be purchased at Nakumatt Bugolobi and Oasis Mall.

This is convenient if  you are a domestic customer or a small business. But for medium or large enterprises, factories, industries, paying via mobile money may not be convenient or appropriate since they need printable receipts for accountability or may have bills that exceed the mobile money account cap.

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When paying for your electricity bill or purchasing Yaka units, you too can pay at the Bank like the commercial customers. Most of the traditional banks allow for payment of bills either at the banking hall or through their USSD or mobile apps.

How it Works

when you get into the bank, get the bill payment slip (which is usually Umeme branded) and fill it in correctly clearly stating your account number and amount to be paid. Hand it to the teller along with the cash. After verification of the account number and amount paid, the teller will give you your copy of the payment slip plus another slip containing the token ID.

Here is a list of the banks we know of that allow for payment of Umeme bills or purchase of Yaka units over the counter.

List of Banks where you can pay your Umeme Yaka electricity bills

  1. Centeneray Bank (Bank/Cente Mobile App)
  2. Bank of Baroda
  3. Equity Bank
  4. Housing Finance Bank
  5. DFCU bank
  6. Standard Chartered bank
  7. Orient Bank
  8. Citi Bank
  9. Barclays Bank
  10. Stanbic Bank
  11. Crane Bank
  12. DTB Bank
  13. Bank of Africa (Bank/Mobile App)
  14. Post Bank (Bank/Mobile App)
  15. GT Bank
  16. Finance Trust Bank

Image: Timothy Kalyegira


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