Super fast Fiber internet coming to homes in Uganda this year

Lets be honest, you’re fed up of loading “MBs” over and over again. And now that video streaming services like Netflix have opened shop in Uganda, it’s about time we had super fast unlimited internet.

Thankfully, optic fibre internet could be coming to homes in Uganda this year. According to insider information from people who work with Soliton, the company that’s been laying fibre cables around Kampala in partnership with Google, fibre-to-home broadband internet packages will soon be offered by ISPs working with Google.

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Internet service providers or ISPs will lease infrastructure from Google’s optic fibre network that’s covered most parts of Kampala already to bring broadband fibre internet to your home. All you’ve to have to is pay for connection  or installation fees which will include equipment such as a router and monthly internet subscription to the ISP bringing the link to your house. It’ll be a bit like Umeme’s Yaka except the equipment installed at your house belongs to you.

Already Google is working with Roke Telecom Uganda to deploy a city-wide Wi-Fi hotspots around Kampala. But with only about 110 Rokespots, the Wi-Fi hotspots are still limited in coverage and out of reach for most users.



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