Ugandan Government launches the ICT sector Export and Marketing plans

The Government of Uganda through the National Information Technology Authority (NITA), Private Sector Associations, selected Ugandan SMEs and The United Nations International Trade Centre (ITC) with the support of the Netherlands Government have developed and validated an “IT & ITES Export sector plan” that was launched on the 7th of April, 2016.

The plan is to be rolled out immediately, first to about thirty (30) Small and Medium Enterprise players in the ICT sector and eventually to the rest of the country.

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The “IT & ITES Sector Export Plan” is the presentation of measures that have been identified to enhance the export competitiveness of the Ugandan IT & ITES companies in international markets, whether regionally or globally.

In support to the proposed measures, a “Country Marketing Plan” has been developed to be implemented alongside the Export plan, which will identify the relevant marketing communication components that need to be activated to enhance the visibility of Uganda’s IT & ITES industry, including online marketing as well, which will required the need of the top digital marketing agency for guidance. Visit for more.

The IT & ITES Export plan on implementation will focus on enhancing the calibre of the young talent IT & ITES pool, closing the gender gap, instigating a local environment conducive to the IT & ITES industry, developing the export capabilities of SMEs and identifying target markets among others.

The SME’s include companies engaged in IT products and services as well as those using IT as an enabler of services such as call centre, data entry, research, publishing and transcription among others.

Speaking at the launch event yesterday Minister for ICT Hon. John Nasasira said that the Government of Uganda is working to increase access to and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) across the entire population as a vehicle for accelerated wealth creation in addition to improved service delivery and social transformation through utilization of quality as well as affordable ICT services.

Uganda is ready for the growth in the ITES-BPO sector due its stable geo-political environment; large pool of good English speaking population; availability and penetration of telecom and Internet services, decreasing cost of internet services; suitable time zone for outsourcing; and the existence of cyber laws to protect ITES/BPO investors and clients.

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“I have no doubt that implementation of the ICT Sector Export and marketing plans will go a long way in enhancing our ICT export sector competitiveness in the International market “he said.


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