Pebuu Africa is a new payment solutions provider that wants to help you pay all your bills in one place

As Fintech and payment solutions become ubiquitous, more and more providers are entering the market. The latest entrant is Pebuu.

Pebuu is a Pan-African electronic depositing and bill payment solution provider that allows for everyday cash deposits and settlements at a single portal. They support a wide range of payment channels and options that can substantially help the general public handle payments and manage cash flow. Pebuu works just like Payway, Newpay or Ezeemoney.

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According to Pebuu,

“…Settling bills and deposits should be easy and hassle-free. That’s why Pebuu is dedicated to improving and simplifying the entire process by bringing to you the most convenient and user-friendly way to make your payments.”

What can I do with Pebuu?

You can use Pebuu to electronically pay and make deposits for multiple services. Among the many services, you can

  • Top up airtime for most telecoms in Uganda
  • Load data from most internet service providers (ISPs).
  • Subscribe for PayTV, (Pebuu seems to support only StartTimes for now.
  • Pay utilities currently Umeme and Water.
  • Purchase Tickets
  • Insurance Deposits
  • Bank Deposits
  • Schools Deposits

Being a new payment solutions provider, Pebuu still has to sign up a couple of service providers to it’s platform e.g. DStv/GOtv, Zuku Tv, Azam aren’t yet on the platform. So even if it is currently possible, Some services are not yet functional.

Pebuu Card 

According to their website, the Pebuu Card is acquired the first time you transact with a Pebuu agent. Every time you use Pebuu services, present the card and you will be rewarded instantly with points which you can later redeem from any of our agents or website by paying for any Pebuu service. You can also deposit money directly on your Pebuu Card through our agents, Kiosks and use it online at your convenience or in future. (The Pebuu card is also not yet available)

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Online Portal

Pebuu also intends to activate an online portal for those that live online. This will help their customers access Pebuu services online using VISA, Mastercard or Pebuu cards. (This portal is not yet available)

The Competition

Pebuu will be competing with multiple payment solution providers that are already on the market. Their biggest competitor are the Telecoms with Mobile Money who already support most of the services that Pebuu is offering. Next would be Payway which has consolidated quite a market share over the years. Other competitors include startups like Newpay, YoDime, Micropay among others.

Pebuu also has to recruit quite a large number of agents to be able to offer their services to the wider masses. They plan to soon install POS terminals and vending machines/Kiosks like Payway and Newpay.

Become a Pebuu Agent

Pebuu is also recruiting agents to join their network so as to reach a wider base of customers. They are sellig the mini vending terminals at Ugx 1,500,000 with Ugx 350,000 worth of startup float. They will also be offering Pebuu POS terminals



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