Call for Applications: All you need to know about IHSU Post Graduate Certificate in Applied ICTs and Leadership.

The ICT sector in Uganda is growing and as such, the desire for qualified workforce is bigger than ever before. ICT integration has become a minimum requirement in the different service verticals across the world with employers constantly looking for graduates who possess the bare minimum.

Academic qualifications in and of themselves are no longer enough. Having an understanding of how the industry operates and the different job roles that the industry offers is becoming an essential asset in today’s job market.  This is why International Health Science University (IHSU) has come up with a course that seeks to empower graduates and young professionals with the right skill and mind-set that employers need from graduates.

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IHSU is a non-residential university offering health related programmes and trains students who will become tomorrow’s leaders in the provision and management of health services nationally and internationally. (However, this course isn’t limited to healthcare providers)

IHSU has designed this course to equip you with the necessary skills, tools and experience to become competitive and productive in the workplace. This course brings ICT integration, Leadership and Management as an offering, challenging students to see ICT beyond the writing code and building basic networks i.e. project management, UI/UX specialists, and business analysts among others.

Who is the program for

  • Graduates
  • Young Professionals
  • ICT Professionals

The target student for this program is one who has an appropriate academic qualification, has the demonstrable interest to innovate technology solutions, and can demonstrate basic level competency with regard to any of the three technical focus areas of Enterprise Systems, Affordable Technologies and Big Data.

We desire to have a blend of students to enable collaboration as well as building effective teams. Students with the following academic qualifications would qualify to apply; All ICT related disciplines, Public Health, Business, Agriculture and Statistics. Students should have scored a minimum of a lower-second class degree or exception to those who have extensive industry experience.

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Why you should apply

This unique and intense six months program is structured and implemented using an industry facing internship/workplace model with the role of the industry in the learning process more pronounced than in the traditional academic approaches.

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The program has been designed to develop a professional with the right mindset, skill-set and tool-set for the global workplace. In the program, students will be able to enhance the technical skills required to develop and implement relevant solutions to improve service delivery in the different sectors while acquiring self-leadership principles as a prerequisite for professional development at the workplace.

What to expect

Students that take on this course will be able to translate their classroom knowledge into various industry ready skills and experience. The course will equip them with;

  • The right mindset, skill set and tool set for the global workplace.
  • Enhance the technical skills required to develop and implement relevant solutions to improve service delivery in the different sectors.
  • Inculcate self-leadership principles as a prerequisite for professional development at the workplace.

Registration + Deadlines

To apply the program fill in this form and and contact IHSU (0312 307400) on how to pay your application fees. 

The deadline for applications is 31st July 2016 and the program starts in September.

Fees + Scholarship Opportunities

The 6 month program costs a total of Ugx 2,750,000 and there is good news too. IHSU is offering partial scholarships of up to Ugx 1,000,000 for up to 20 students. So apply today and share with your friends as well.

About the course 

The Postgraduate Certificate in Applied ICTs and Leadership (PostCert.AIL) is an initiative that is being championed by IHSU, CM 2000, and YWAM. The program is geared towards bridging the digital divide within the different sectors such as; Agriculture, Health, Education, Military etc. in Uganda and the region at large.

For more information call 0312 307400 or email [email protected]

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