New Google Maps update brings SD card storage, Offline Mode to save on data and battery usage

Psychologists will gladly tell you that men are hardwired not to ask for directions even if it kills them.  And naturally they will take one wrong turn too many and still not admit they are completely lost. Women on the other hand will smile at the first person they meet and get turn by turn directions to their destination. Well, Google Maps ably serves them both. Google Maps’ latest update for Android brings cool new features data-conscious users will surely appreciate.

Google Maps Wi-Fi Only

Firstly, Google Maps now sports a Wi-Fi only option you can toggle on or off that restricts the app from blowing through mobile data when you’re on the move. This mode is complimented by Offline Maps which can be downloaded for whichever regions you want. We downloaded the map of Kampala and it’s environs and it took only around 25MB.

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We took Google Maps in offline mode for a test drive and we were surprised at the pinpoint accuracy of our movements. With this feature, we don’t see how anybody can get lost ever again. And the best part for guys is that they never have to ask for directions ever again.

SD card Storage

Google now gives you the option to store offline maps either to device storage or SD card. This is useful when you find yourself running out of storage space. The advantage of offline maps apart from the obvious data saving, is that it saves on battery usage too. And is a lifesaver when you are in places with lousy connectivity.

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Ride-hailing Services

In select Asian and European cities, Google Maps now shows the proximity to ride-hailing services such as Uber, Grab and MyTaxi. Included at the fare estimates and time. Google Maps users can use this information to compare prices using the different ride-hailing services. All this is possible without having to open various apps. This feature is currently only on Android but will soon be rolled out to iOS. Hopefully Africa will get it as well


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Featured Image: IndiaTVNews


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