Uber Uganda just reduced on its prices: Here are the new prices

Your Uber is arriving…but with a price reduction. In a press briefing in Kampala, Uber made the announcement and also posted on their blog about a reduction of up to 23% on the fares.

Uber charges by both distance and time. Previously the taxi-hailing app was charging Ugx 900 per Km, but now it will be charging Ugx 750 while time spent will be priced at Ugx 150/minute down from Ugx 200. Here’s a complete table with new Uber prices in Uganda.

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Uber Uganda 2017 prices in UGX
Old Price (UGX)New Price (UGX)
Base rate13001100
Distance (per Km)900750
Time (per minutes)200150
Minimun Fare50003000
Ride Cancellation50003000

Some pro tips for using Uber

You can save a bit more money while using Uber with a few pro tips that we have learnt over time with our own experiences with Uber.

  • Use the shortest route. Always guide the driver on the best and shortest route to your destination. As you know Uber charges per Km, so the shorter the distance, the less money you pay. Don’t assume that your driver knows the shortest route to your destination.
  • Avoid peak hours. It’s best to take an Uber on off-peak hours of the day so you can avoid traffic jam. The more time you spend on the road, the more money you’ll pay because Uber charges per minute spent on the road.
  • Use known pickup location. Be sure to hail your Uber from a known physical structure such as a petrol station, Taxi stage, known building. This will make it easy for you direct your Uber driver once he or you call him. It also means he can easily find parking easily.


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