You can now buy Infinix smartphones offline in Kampala

Previously, Infinix smartphones were only sold online in Africa. Whether it’s Nigeria, Kenya or Uganda. As a brand, their strategy was to tap into the e-commerce boom as a distribution channel rather than offline shops. Infinix went ahead and made an entry into Uganda exclusively selling on Jumia but apparently the traction wasn’t enough. This in turn delayed the launching of the brand in Uganda till recently.

You could have had an interest in an Infinix mobile smartphone, but could not find any means of purchasing one. It is true that online orders tend to delay, given the poor mapping that our city has got, and an offline deal would offer a much better variety. These smartphones in Uganda have been exclusively sold by Kilimall but now, they are available offline.

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We bring you a detailed list of shops and stores across Kampala from where you can buy your interest in a matter of minutes, minding less about your location.

Note that currently, the stores have in stock the Infinix Note 3, the Hot 4, and the Hot 4 Lite. The note 3 is going for around 590,000/=, the hot 4 for around 409,000/= and the hot 4 Lite for around 365,000/=

The future days will see the arrival of the Infinix S2 Pro, the Infinix Zero 4, and the Infinix Zero 4 Plus.

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You can get yourself an Infinix phone from any of the shops below;
1. Banana Phone World at Kampala road near Nandos; Banana Phone World on Kampala road before DTB Bank; Banana Phone World on Charm towers; Banana Phone World on William street; and Banana Phone World on Kampala road opp PRISM on Bi Plus.

2. Karuni communications Ltd – Kampala, opposite shell Entebbe road

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3. Rabbi communications Ltd – Kampala, opposite Shoprite Entebbe road

4. Micromax Company Ambassodor House, Kampala road
0716 786100

5. King communications Ltd Opposite Bank of Uganda

6. Gadget Store – Kampala, Kalungi Plaza

7. Berries (u) Ltd Ambassador House
0759 655786

The above shops and stores are accorded with quality service to satisfy your needs and readily attend to you. Customers are always welcome, even just to window shop or to take a sneak through the available products. You can always check them out.

Otherwise, at the comfort of your location with in Kampala City, you can make an order for your desired Infinix smartphone from Kilimall Uganda and a delivery will be made to you.


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  1. Thank you Dgnited you have atleast saved us the bussle of snail pace speed of Ug’s E-commerce
    dealings. other wise one of the members in my fb group wanted to know how Ugandan tech blogs this one also named do sustain themselves given the low page views?

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