Stanbic bank Uganda rewards you with shopping vouchers when you go cashless

stanbic bank uganda voucher

If you spend more than Ugx 50,000 from participating stores and use your ATM Mastercard or Visa-enabled card to pay your bill, you get voucher worth Ugx 10,000. That’s Stanbic bank Uganda’s pitch to you when you go cashless.

Until now, when I have to checkout at a super market or after eating out at a restaurant, I usually use liquid cash. But cash is bulky and carries with it a risk that you might get robbed or it might get lost along the way. Now, with Point-of-Sale(POS) machines at some supermarkets and restaurants, there’s no need of carrying cash with you. Only your ATM machine.

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Here’s how it works.

You checkout using your card on the Stanbic bank POS-supported terminal. The waiter will ask you to enter you card PIN the same way you do at the ATM. A receipt is instantly printed for you and your bank might immediately send you an SMS confirming the transaction has indeed occurred. A voucher is then given to you.

The voucher can only be redeemed by May 30th and it isn’t exchangeable for cash. Stanbic bank is working with select partners Cafe Javas, City tyres, City Oil and Savers supermarket for this on-going promotion.


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