Meet TrackR: The device that can help you locate your lost Items

Misplacing items is a bad habit and maybe caused by so many issues such as lifestyle issues,  mental meltdowns or sometimes you just forget where you left something.

Sometimes we lose items when we are overwhelmed or stressed.  If you’re someone who is always misplacing things like keys, wallet or your phone, there are some tech devices to help find what you lost without stressing.

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Let’s say you park in unfamiliar region to go shopping and when you get back, you can’t find your car. This can be frustrating.  There are so many tricks you can use to help you find your lost items easily. But if you ‘re running late for a meeting, it can be tough to remember those tricks.


There is a simple way to track your lost items with this cool device called Track R  made by a California-based startup company. This device comes with a Crowd GPS capability that works with your phone, and I think its what you are looking for.

Tag your items with a coin-sized TrackR Bluetooth device and the TrackR app will locate it in seconds. This device costs $29.99 about 109,402/= UGx. To get the device visit TrackR. You can also download TrackR app from Google Play and App Store

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