How to send money home using Worldremit from home

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Worldremit is no doubt a rising star in mobile remittance across the world. World remit allows users in the countries such as UK, US, Canada to send money back to their home countries. This is done by linking your bank account or credit card to your Worldremit account. You can then send money to family and friends back home straight to their mobile money wallets such as M-pesa, MTN mobile money, Airtel money etc or bank accounts for supported banks or through pickup locations.

However, if you are home, Worldremit strangely doesn’t allow you to send money from your credit card or diaspora bank account to mobile money number or bank account. If you attempt to do so, World remit will detect your IP address and if it’s not from diaspora countries, then the transaction won’t happen. I have personally experienced this.

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So what’s the work around?

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Simple. VPNs. Short for Virtual Private Networks, VPNs are the ultimate tools for masquerading your IP address allowing you access otherwise restricted content or websites. Last year during the general presidential elections, Ugandans went on a frenzy with VPNs once the government blocked social media networks. You might have used it to access restricted services such as Youtube Red, Netflix etc.

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Worldremit isn’t bullet proof from VPNs too. You can still send money home from home with VPN turned on. All you have to do is set the routing country to US, UK, Canada or wherever your diaspora Bank is located and then send home. Worldremit will be fooled to think that you’re abroad, hence allowing the transaction. The choice of VPNs is wide and varied. But you can try out Tunnel Bear, ExpressVPN, BeeVPN and several others.  In the meantime you can start sending money through Worldremit by visiting their website here.

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