Don’t throw away your wired earphones: 5 reasons they still rock

Many people especially the young and vibrant youth globally, have opted to denounce the wired headsets in favor of new trend of the wireless headsets. But that doesn’t mean that the corded headsets are out of vogue. If you are serious about listening to your podcasts or music while on the go, here are 5 reasons why that pair of corded headsets you have hidden away still rock.

#1. They are less expensive compared to the wireless ones. You don’t have to go deep into your piggy bank for that extra quarter to pay for it. iPhone wireless earphones or Airpods retail at a whooping $150 well as you can still get great earphones for less than $25.

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#2. Wired earphones or headphones don’t run on battery. They don’t need charging unlike wireless earphones. Just plug it into your device’s jack and you’re ready to rock and roll, unlike the wireless headphones. And they don’t consume a lot of your smartphone’s power.

#3. They are easy to use even grandma can use them without instructions.  You don’t have to setup bluetooth pairing, and configure anything in the settings. Just plug and play, as long as your phone has the right jack to fit the headsets.

#4. Wired headphones are mostly compatible with many devices. As long as it has the 3.4mm headphone jack/socket, chances are that it will work just fine irrespective of whatever device you use. On the other hand, try using iPhone Airpods on Samsung smartphone.

#5. It may seem ridiculous, but these corded things have saved a device or two from falling and breaking apart completely. Once you place it over your head and on your ears, and you mistakenly drop your phone, it will be suspended in mid-air without it touching the ground. Can I hear a Hallelujah for that?!

Maybe there is still hope for these corded headphones after all and some of them still have the sleek look that you may have forgotten in the process of enjoying that very expensive wireless headsets. Plus, who says you can’t look cool wearing that corded headset. You’ll still listen to music, nod your head to the music like you just don’t care and still enjoy your gadgets.


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