Are you Unemployed and Stranded? Online work could pull you from rags to riches

online work

When the economy goes staggering, the most affected are those with no reliable source of income. With the tertiary institutions releasing fresh graduates every other year into a field with limited employment opportunities, self employment is the best alternative. Here is where online work can do for you.

It is absurd that the terminology is highly misinterpreted for Network marketing; a form of online business that requires one to make a hefty investment, look out for customers for whichever deal it is, and get commission for every new client that comes following the path.

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Working online is broader than that, and can be less costly for the start. The biggest capital you need is your talent. Once you efficiently utilize it, you will realize a lot much more than you may get with your qualifications. The greatest advantage that comes with it is convenience.  You can as well follow up on your dream career, as you do the online work.

The following are some of the things you can do online and earn some good cash on you.


This requires you to be a talented, or at least good, writer. Once you can pen down eye catching articles for your audience, at a constant rate, time can only tell for you to start making money. All it takes is patience, because it won’t be your first post that will fill the bank account. You may do under cover promotions with in friends and relatives to gain your site more popularity.

Social Media Management

Most of the unemployed air their silence out on Social Media, yet many employers are looking for people with such a zeal to market their products on the platforms. Look out for a company that you find dormant, or non performing on Facebook or Twitter, and ask them to hire you. Who knows? You could become a company PR even with no qualifications.

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Online Tutoring

You excelled at college, but can’t find a job. Yet a long line of people are doing similar courses like you need, and are probably finding a hard time to pass them. Set up a tutorial, to show them how you did it. No one will question your current status, because all want to be where you are. You may start by offering free courses, and with time you upgrade to standard payments. It earns.

Online Job Recruitment

If you studied Human Resource Management, this can work best for you. Since the jobs are scarce, you can create an online bridge between the employers and potential employees. Get to the job creators, ask them for any available slots. You can post about them for the seekers to see, advise the seekers on how to work their way in, and get paid for being the link.

There are numerous other things you can try out, all depending on your talent and exposure. You can an online designer, a Virtual Assistant, a data entrant, or even a consultant.

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Online work does not take any much. It just needs you to have a reliable internet connection, and a patient mind that believes in achievement. On a scale of one to ten, once you give it a try, the chances are at least eight that you will achieve success.

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