Blogging vs Vlogging: Which is the right choice for you?

Blogging and vlogging nowadays have become opportunities for people everywhere to express their feelings, learn, covering stories and inspire others. The two are both powerful, they are great at generating traffic, building clients loyalty and leads thousands of visitors hence put some clean money into your pockets. In reality, deciding which one to put your money on requires a lot of decisions to make.

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For the last few years, video content online has been growing at a rapid speed, and some bloggers are wondering if they should engage in vlogging too. If you’re that one person who keeps asking yourself “Should I blog or vlog?” reading this can give you the best option to choose.


In simple terms, Blogging is a website or an online log where authors share opinions, thoughts, their experiences, observations, etc about any specific topic. If you’re a good writer and find no problem putting thoughts into words, then blogging could be the right decision for you.

Requirements for Blogging

Blogs are easy to start and setting up doesn’t require a lot of capital. You only need about 50 to 100 USD, for hosting plan, register a domain name and maybe buying a theme. If you’re unable to raise this amount of money,  WordPress and Blogspot gives you a free domain. Blogging doesn’t require a variety of equipment, the most important things you need are a desktop or a laptop and the Internet connection.

According to the indexsy agency to gain leadership in blogging,  you need to have good knowledge about SEO, keywords, meta tagging in order to have your blog shows up among the higher searches on the search engine. Social media is also another SEO. This helps you boost your blog traffic quickly and can find more audience for your content. Lastly, you need to have writing skills. The writing is an essential part of a blog and if you lack better writing skill, there is less chance of traffic flow.


Vlogging simply means video blogging, this involves sharing information, thoughts, experience or giving advice in a video format form. If you’re that person who enjoys sharing interesting topics,  points of views or daily life by just recording, then vlogging is the right side for you.

Requirements for Vlogging

Setting up a good vlog is not very difficult, for example setting up an account on a video streaming site like YouTube but requires the right equipment. To produce a high-quality video, a video camera is required that records in high-definition, a microphone and professional editing software such as Adobe after effects. This means you will have to spend some amount of money.

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YouTube has now become difficult because in order to earn money in vlogging,  your channel should at least get 1000s of views to qualify for advertisements.

In conclusion:  If you enjoy writing and have good writing skills then share your skills and knowledge through blogging and if your skills are more of speaking, Vlogging is the best choice.


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