MTN Uganda finally launches unlimited data bundles: Here are the prices and speeds

MTN Uganda today announced a long-awaited product to its internet offering; allowing customers to purchase monthly Unlimited Internet packages. The move is significant as it offers customers a chance to enjoy high speed internet with no data caps and no MBs to recharge.

MTN is already known for providing the fastest speeds since its introduction of 4G LTE connectivity 2 years ago. MTN’s 4G LTE network is the largest in the country, spanning across all major towns countrywide.

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As part of its vision to lead the delivery of a bold new Digital World, MTN continuously invests heavily in technologies to achieve this. The introduction of unlimited packages represents a major shift in customer demands for heavy internet usage, away from the traditional bundles characterized by data caps. The MTN Unlimited packages are available for as low as 99,000/- per month.

MTN Uganda unlimited internet bundles
MTN Unlimited Internet – PremiumAll day,
all night
30 days
MTN Unlimited Internet – BasicAll day,
all night
179,00030 days
MTN Unlimited Internet – NightMidnight – 6am99,00030 days

“We are excited to be championing initiatives that enable our customers to do more with the Internet at affordable rates. This is line with our vision; to deliver a bold, new digital world to our customers,” said the MTN Chief Executive Officer, Wim Vanhelleputte while addressing the media at the MTN offices in Kololo.
“MTN has over the years continued to invest in infrastructure and technology that guarantee a world-class experience for customers using our Internet. Today we would like to give them the freedom to use the internet unlimited and enjoy a truly amazing high speed experience,” he concluded.

The General Manager MTN Business Anthony Katamba noted, “With widespread changes in information technology that have enabled business and lifestyle cloud services, it is no longer convenient to maintain data caps on all Internet packages and we are delighted to have been able to develop a solution that allows users to connect to these services without any barriers.”
“We are definitely aware of the fact that Unlimited Internet around the world runs the risk of abuse, and therefore, this product has been designed to guard against such behavior through promoting the spirit of fair usage,” Mr. Katamba explained.

MTN Uganda Unlimited internet Speeds and data caps

MTN Uganda unlimited internet bundles speeds and caps
Unlimited PackageSpeed before capCaping data limitSpeed after capSpeed cap period
Premium2Mbps3GB256KbpsTill 6am
Basic2Mbps1GB256KbpsTill 6am
Night2Mbps3GB256KbpsTill 6am

A user on the network will use speeds between zero and two Mbps for a certain limit before being lowered to 256 kbps till 6 am the next morning. For Basic, you can use speeds of up-to 2Mbps till you clock a sum of 1GB of data usage. From here, till 6 am the next morning, you can surf on speeds of 256 kbps.
For Premium, you can surf with speeds of up to 2 Mbps until you sum up 3GB of data, and like the Basic, you are downgraded to 256kbps till the next morning.For the night bundle, you utilise it with speeds of up to 2 Mbps from midnight until you sum up 3GB, after which you can only use speeds of 256 kbps to the morning.

Note that the Fair Usage Policy is applied on the above packages. Visit for more details on the policy.

How to activate to the new MTN Unlimited Internet

#1. You can use airtime from your smartphone or any other data device by doing any of the following:
Dial *150*55#OK and following the prompts, or
Dial *160#OK and follow the prompts, or

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#2. Using the MyMTN app
You can also get the Unlimited packages through your Mobile Money account:
Dial *165#OK select option 7 to buy bundles and follow the prompts, or
Dial *150*55# and follow the prompts to select Mobile Money payment option, or

#3. Using the MyMTN app
#4. In addition, you can visit any MTN Service centre
#5. Call customer service on 100 (for MTN customers), 0771001000 for customers on other networks
#6. MTN Business Customers can contact their account managers for scheduled activations to multiple numbers using the MTN Business Bulk Activation service for businesses.


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9 thoughts on “MTN Uganda finally launches unlimited data bundles: Here are the prices and speeds

    • Basically you are given a cap of either 3GB or 1 GB per day depending on which package. Then when you hit your cap, they throttle the speeds to 256kbps from 1 or 2 mbps

  1. After using 3GB daily you are capped from 2mbps (256KBps) to 256kbps (32KBps). These are already pathetic speeds before they are even capped. MTN are falsely advertising this as 4G LTE internet yet it doesn’t get past 2mbps. This is just a marketing campaign that doesn’t offer anything better to the public.

    • Yes you are right, if the connection cannot go beyond 2mbps then when does one use his 4G LTE capabilities (at 17-50+ mbps).

  2. Tangerine for 150k you get 50GB for the month at 4 Mbps.
    MTN for 190k you basically get 30GB maximum the whole month at 1 Mbps.
    After your data CAP both cut you down to 256kbps.
    Seems like a no brainer to me

  3. Tangerine for 150k you get 50GB for the month at 4 Mbps.
    MTN for 190k you basically get 30GB maximum the whole month at 1 Mbps.
    After your data CAP both cut you down to 256kbps.
    Seems like a no brainer to me…

    • Before moving in for Tangerine, from experience check for the quality of the 4G signal strength. Its much better to stick MTN and use 3G whose strength wont be so low that you cannot even watch a simple 1 hour youtube tutorial. With Tangerine one may need to travel to a location with a good signal strength rather than seat a place off comform like home to surf. Quality Vs price is not an ideal way of comparing the offers from these companies.

      • True. If anyone is spending more than 100,000 on an internet bundle then you should at least be able to use it in the comfort of your home. But for those of us in locations with good tangerine coverage, like me :), then there is really no better option at the price.

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