Full HD channels worth watching on Kwese TV


Whereas most viewers have an interest in the content that is programmed on Television, there is a section of them that find comfort in watching motion picture offered in High Definition. Kwese Tv does not leave this out on its customers, with a selection of full HD channels available on its running bouquet.

With HD channels, you get to watch an elevated digital signal, with a visible superiority in the visual and audio quality when compared to the other channels. You can enjoy a much better screen resolution with a clear and sharp picture in addition to vivid colors.

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The majority of these channels are for Sports, which definitely demands for a High Definition feel when one is watching, and Kwese dos not disappoint.


NBA TV is your courtside ticket to the NBA lifestyle. Catch up with some of your favourite players, the latest news, and keep track of all the games live. It is channel 315.


ESPN is the world leader in sports entertainment. Broadcasting in over 200 countries, ESPN covers diverse sporting events catering for a global audience of sports enthusiasts including baseball, Indy Cars, NCAA College Sports, Documentaries, AFL, News and Studio Shows, and everything in-between. It is channel 310.

Kwesé Sports 1

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Kwesé Sports 1 offers the best live sporting action from across the world – NBA, cycling, Copa Del Rey, Premiership Rugby, Brazilian Football, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, World Title Boxing, EFC, Sports News, and dedicated magazine
shows – only on Kwesé Sports 1. It is channel 300.

Kwesé Sports 2

Kwesé Sports 2 brings you the best in NFL action, Australian Cricket, athletics, WTA tennis, marathons, volleyball, golf, and so much more to keep you hooked. It is channel 305.

Kwesé Prime

Kwesé Prime is a young-skewed entertainment channel boasting African originals, brand new discoveries, and top-rated international series, all in HD. It is channel 100.

These 5 channels will give you an unbelievable HD experience. Enjoy!



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